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Not Rated Yet MultiPowUpload 1.7 by Element-IT Software MultiPowUpload View

MultiPowUpload – file upload component. It is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple file uploads from a user machine to the web server. It needs just Flash player plug-in on users side and any standard file upload script.

Asp Net Multiple File Upload, Cgi Multiple Upload File, Flash Upload, Multiple File Upload, Multiple File Uploads, Multiple Image Upload, Multiple Upload, Net Multiple File Upload, Php Multiple Upload, Upload Multiple Files, Upload Multiple Images


Editor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 Stars Multiple File Search and Replace 1.5 by InternetSoft Corporation Multiple File Search and Replace View

With the help of this program, you can quickly find and replace text, correct html code and hyperlinks in multiple file, add new links or re-format the design of the entire site. Software extremely useful in editing of multiple html and text files.

File Replace, Find, Find And Replace Text In Multiple Files, Html File, Multiple Find Replace, Multiple Search Replace, Replace, Search


Not Rated Yet WinFax Merger 2.2 by sfaxtools studio WinFax Merger View

WinFax Merger is a FREE WinFax multiple-page fax merger, able to combine/merge your separate multiple-page WinFax fxd fxr fxs files into single multiple-page fxm fax files in batches automatically. Both GUI and command line modes are supported.

Fxd Fxr Fxs, Fxm, Merge Combine, Merger Combiner, Winfax Fax


User Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 Stars SimpleCast 2.5.1 by Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC SimpleCast View

Broadcast any sound playing over your soundcard, mic or line-in over the internet! Features MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and advanced WM9 streaming. Encode at multiple bitrates and multiple formats to multiple server types simultaneously. eal-Time statistics!

Broadcasting, Internet Broadcasting, Mp3, Mp3pro, Ogg, Radio, Simple Cast, Simplecast, Streaming, Windows Media, Wm, Wm9, Wma

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Not Rated Yet Digibin 1.31 by Sixpence Software Digibin View

Digibin is a feature-packed newsreader. Supporting automatic combination of multi-part files, automatic combination of multi-file groups, multiple connections, multiple servers, agents, grouping of newsgroups, automatic NFO preview, yEnc and more.

Binaries, Binary, Newsgroups, Newsreaders, Nntp, Usenet

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Not Rated Yet SimpleCopier 5.10 by NEOGIE SimpleCopier View

A straightforward Photocopier software SimpleCopier allows you to : * Apply multiples effects on the documents * Change size of the documents * Export as PDF * Email with resizing * Fax * Work on one or multiple documents at once! * Save...

Copier, Copy, Email, Fax, Photo, Photocopier, Photocopy, Printer, Scanner, Simplecopier, Twain

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Not Rated Yet FWD 1.0 by John Lennon FWD View

Mailbuddies email forwarding software. Multiple filters, multiple mail accounts. It's like a 'virtual secretary' for email - this program will both save you time and improve your email efficiency. 14 Day free trial.

Address Book, Cleaner, Email, Forward, Forwarding, Fwd, Inbox, Mail, Mailing Software, Mailverify, Management, Program, Scanner, Scanning, Shareware, Software

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Not Rated Yet Smtp.NET 3.0.5 by ExclamationSoft Smtp.NET View

Email Component for .NET. Features: HTML Email with automatic image embedding, authentication, automatically ZIP compress attachments, supports message queuing on IIS & emailQ.NET, mail merge, multiple attachments, multiple recipients, & more

.net,, Assembly, Component, Email, Html, Mail, Merge

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Not Rated Yet Image Merger .EXE 1.0.19 by SoftTech InterCorp Image Merger .EXE View

Resurrect boring images to a stunning new look using Image Merger .EXE to merge, blend and combine multiple images together. With the merge wizard you can seamlessly add watermarks or fade a logo onto multiple images in a single batch process.

Batch, Blend, Combind, Fade, Image, Image Merger, Images, Impose, Merge, Photos, Pictures, Process, Superimpose


Not Rated Yet tcpIQ Thread Pool 1.0 by tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions tcpIQ Thread Pool View

tcpIQ Thread Pool is a .Net component for the efficient and elegant management of multiple threads in a .Net application. The .Net Framework provides thread creation and advanced synchronisation functionality but once multiple threads are...

.net, Component, Management, Multiple Threads, Programming, Software Development, Tcpiq Thread Pool, Thread, Threads

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Not Rated Yet AutoCAD DWG/DXF Version Converter 1.0 by Cheewoo Engineering AutoCAD DWG/DXF Version Converter View

AutoCAD DWG / DXF Version Converter support to convert various versions of multiple DWG and DXF files in any multiple source directories into selected DWG and DXF version files in a target directory. - Support DWG and DXF R9~2007 version for...

Autocad Dwg / Dxf Version Converter, Converter, Dwg, Dwgtodxf, Dxf, Dxftodwg, Version

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Not Rated Yet Navier 1.03 by Navier Navier View

Navier adds a checkbox near every link on a web page so that a user can select multiple hyperlinks to be opened simultaneously. The selected links are opened in new windows or all stocked up in a single page. Get your copy now!

Browsing Tool, Multiple Links, Multiple Page, Navier


Not Rated Yet X360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX OCX 2.0 by X360 Software X360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX OCX View

X360 Multiple Video Player ActiveX Control helps application developers to control multiple video files playback simultaneously. It helps programmer to create up to 10 video files playback at the same time. Each layer plays a video.

Activex, Audio, Avi, Control Video, Dat, Divx, Media Player, Midi, Mov, Movie, Mp3, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, Ocx, Play, Playback, Rm, Rmvb, Video

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Not Rated Yet Perl Express 2.5 by Perl Express Group Perl Express View

A free integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl with multiple tools for writing and debugging your scripts. It features multiple CGI scripts for editing, running, and debugging; multiple input files; full server simulation; queries...

Builder, Cgi, Develop, Development, Editor, Environment, Free, Ide, Integrated, Kit, Ms Access, Mysql, Perl, Script, Studio, Tool, Web


Not Rated Yet HTML Search and Replace 1.01 by Alentum Software, Inc. HTML Search and Replace View

This software allows to search and replace within multiple html documents. The search capability helps to search like in a search engine. Replace capability allows you to replace, insert or delete paragraphs of text within multiple documents.

Browser, Editor, Find, Html, Replace, Search, Search Engine

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Not Rated Yet Easy File Joiner 1.2 by Ashkon Software LLC Easy File Joiner View

Easy File Joiner is a simple software to join files. If you have downloaded parts of a larger file or want to combine multiple text or MPG files this tool is for you. Easy File Joiner only works with files with no header information, so joining...

Combine Files, Join File, Join Files, Join Mpeg, Join Mpgs, Join Video, Joiner, Multiple Files Join


Not Rated Yet DzMultiU 1.0 by DangerZSoft DzMultiU View

DzMultiU is an utility to uncompress multiple zip files in one operation. You can unzip files onto your local hard disk or onto an FTP site.

Extract, Multi, Multiple, Zip


Not Rated Yet Span Floppies Floppy disk backup and restore 1.02 by Argile Consulting No view

[ASP] A program that allows backup and restore of files that span multiple floppy disks. It is not dependent upon the version of the DOS or Windows(tm) operating system. Any size file can be saved on multiple floppy disks, and the disks can...

Backup, Floppy Disk Backup, Multiple Floppy Disks, Restore, Span Disks, Span Floppies, Span Floppy Disks

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Not Rated Yet Batch Text Replacer 2.3 by BrineSoft Batch Text Replacer View

Tool for batch replacements of substrings, words and phrases in multiple files. Can be used for text files (*.txt), data files (*.csv, *.xml, ...), web files (*.htm, *.asp, ...), scripts (*.js, *.vbs, ...), source code (*.dpp, *.h, *.pas, ...).

Batch Replacements, Editing, Multiple Text Files, Replacement, Text Files

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Not Rated Yet WorkManager Pro 2.0 by Kamatoz Computing WorkManager Pro View

WorkManager Pro lets you automate working with multiple tasks on a PC. With this handy tool you can arrange as many tasks (programs, documents, URLs and system commands) as you need into one Work. This Work can be run with just one click!

Download, Effective, Fast, Faster, Launch, Launcher, Manager, Multiple, One, One-click, Pro, Run, Task, Time, Work, Workmanager Pro, Works

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