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Not Rated Yet StatPlus 2006 3.9.9 by AnalystSoft StatPlus 2006 View

With StatPlus 2006, one gets a robust suite of statistics tools and graphical analysis methods that are easily accessed though a simple and straightforward interface. The range of possible applications of StatPlus 2006 is virtually unlimited -...

Analysis, Anova, Binary, Chi-square, Correlation, Excel, Free, Glm, Graphic, Greco, Grm, Kolmogorov, Latin, Ld16, Ld50, Ld84, Logistic, Manova, Method, Mls

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Not Rated Yet FastPage 1.2.1 by DynBack No view

These AJAX technology was born when I need to make Control Panel with several DataGrids (many change Panels) on one page. User should change, add, delete, sort and filter parameters in one moment and easy save them to server. I understand that...

Ajax,, Compession, Datagrid, Demo, Dynback, Fastpage, Firefox, Httpmodule, Ie, Isapi, Localhost, Opera, Remote, Scripting, Shareware, Speed, Traffic, Try

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Not Rated Yet Ressource-Datenbank-Editor 2.2 by Andreas Breitschopp Ressource-Datenbank-Editor View

With this editor it is possible to build EXE file independent resource files which can be read by any project over a DLL at runtime. Multiple example projects included that show you handling of the DLL. For .NET Framework 1.1/2.0 in C#/VB. Also VB 6.

Audio, Database, Editor, Embedding, Files, Graphics, Image, Independent, Management, Music, Programming, Resource, Software, Video

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Not Rated Yet Toolbar Controls .NET for Microsoft Office 1.0 by Add-in Express Ltd. Toolbar Controls .NET for Microsoft Office View

It allows developers to embed any .NET controls into MS Office toolbars at design-time. You can create feature-rich toolbars of Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint. Supports VB.NET, C#, C++ .NET, J# in Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.

Commanbar, Excel, Office, Outlook, Toolbar, Word


Not Rated Yet Alvas.ShapeForms 2.0 by Alvas.Net Alvas.ShapeForms View

Alvas.ShapeForms (Windows.Forms) is a collection of 100% native CLR compliant controls written in C#. Collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create high quality professional applications with nonrectangular forms such as Windows Media Player.

C#, Components


Not Rated Yet MWStyleForm 1.0 by Mostworks MWStyleForm View

A component to design your program formular under Delphi. Features: - Captionbar can be displayed left - Text of caption bar can be display with shaodw or border - You can define a backgroundpicture for Caption, Border and Content

Design, Form, Formular, Gui, Mostworks, Mwform, Skin, Style


Not Rated Yet PlusSuite .Net Control Library 1.0 by Olvio IT, Inc. No view

PlusSuite is a control library containing custom controls and components to be used with the Microsoft .Net Framework and integrated with Visual Studio.NET. All controls are extensible, flexible and easy to deploy.

Control Library, Custom Components, Custom Controls, Windows Forms


Not Rated Yet tangible architect professional edition VS2005 4.0 by tangible engineering GmbH tangible architect professional edition VS2005 View

Create Database Applications in record time! tangible architect generates a full business object implementation – including data access code - from C# interface definitions or UML ! Generated business objects realize the data access with...

Architect, C#, Database, Datenbank, Generation, Mda, Microsoft Meta Data Service, Model Driven Development, O/r Mapper, Persistent Object, Schema, Sql, Tangible, Uml, Visual Studio


Not Rated Yet VLButtonBar 3.0 by Viklele Associates VLButtonBar View

Add outlook sidebar style navigation in your applications with VLButtonBar control. Use this control as vertical menu, VB styled toolbox. Supports unicode for button and group captions. Offers great looking buttons with gradient filled background.

Activex, Button, Button Bar, Drag Drop, Menu, Ocx, Outlook, Outlook Bar, Tool Palette, Toolbar, Unicode, Vertical Menu, Visual B

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Not Rated Yet VLFormDesigner 1.2 by Viklele Associates VLFormDesigner View

Deliver a complete, feature rich form designer application with unbelievably small amount of code with this control. Let application user reconfigure the layout of controls on your forms at runtime. Store/restore layout in binary or XML formats.

Activex, Component, Download, Form Designer, Free, Ocx, Runtime Form Designer, Vb, Visual Basic, Vlformdesigner

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Not Rated Yet Empire Deluxe Internet Edition 3.5 by Killer Bee Software Empire Deluxe Internet Edition View

Empire Deluxe Internet Edition is the revival of the classic turn-based strategy game Empire Deluxe originally by Mark Baldwin and Bob Rakosky, based on Walter Bright's game Empire, Wargame of the Century. The inspiration for many other games,...

Classic, Deluxe, Empire, Strategy, Turnbased, Wargame


Not Rated Yet Extreme Miniature Golf 1.0 by ANTi-Ware Extreme Miniature Golf View

18 holes of golf and 6 mini games. The golf greens are packed with cannons, lightning bults, pinball bumpers, moving platforms and sandtraps. After every three holes you have the option to boost or even gamble your score within the mini games.

Golden, Golf, Golfer, Golfing, Green, Mayham, Mayhem, Mini, Mini Games, Miniature, Miniature Golf, Putt

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Not Rated Yet 3D Pinball Unlimited 1.0 by TLK Games 3D Pinball Unlimited View

3D Pinball Unlimited machine looks and reacts like a real bar machine. You get four tables with great graphic works, full sound effects, music and decor, each table with its own rules. Fantastic ballistics. Very challenging for all levels of players.

3d, 3drt, Action, Arcade, Ball, Bonus, Flippers, Games, Hot, Machine, Pinball, Table, Unlimited

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Not Rated Yet OxygenBag Home 2.5.1 by SamSobi OxygenBag Home View

OxygenBag is the engine for fast automatic photograph color correction and image enhancement. Color correction is performed under user selected standard. To make color correction, you choose photograph - standard, tune up the filter and get the...

Color Correction, Digital Image Editing, Digital Image Enhancement, Digital Image Improvement, Digital Image Processing, Image Editing, Image Enhancement, Image Processing, Photo Editing, Photo Enhancement, Photo Improvement, Photo Restoration


Not Rated Yet BodyCaP Ernährungssoftware by Trebaxa Company BodyCaP Ernährungssoftware View

80 Mikronährstoffe wie Eiweiß, Kohlenhydrate, Fett, KCAL, Aminosäuren, Mineralien, Vitamine, Ballaststoffe, Wasser, Glucose, Fructose, Vitamine,... rund 8.000 Lebensmittel + 100derte Eigeneingaben durch professionelle Ernährungsberater...

..., 80 Mikronhrstoffe Wie Eiwei, Aminosuren, Ballaststoffe, Fett, Fructose, Glucose, Kcal, Kohlenhydrate, Mineralien, Vitamine, Wasser


Not Rated Yet T-Minus Basketball Countdown 6.0 by T-Minus Enterprises T-Minus Basketball Countdown View

T-Minus Basketball Countdown Clock. Looking forward to the game? Whether it's a neighborhood basketball game, college hoops, or the NBA Finals, now you can count down the time to tip-off! You can play our sound track to hear a home run or insert...

Basketball, Clock, Countdown, T-minus


Not Rated Yet Hide IP Fast 4.7 by Hide IP Address Hide IP Fast View

Hide IP address for anonymous surfing, access blocked sites, unban yourself from forums and restricted sites, send anonymous e-mails and instant messages. Hide IP is a must have application for everyone who uses Internet.

Anonymity, Anonymous Proxy, Conceal Ip, Free Proxy, Hide Ip, Privacy, Proxy, Socks

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Not Rated Yet CCIPTV Live Podcaster by Beijing TOFO Digital Co., Ltd CCIPTV Live Podcaster View

CCIPTV Live Podcaster, typical of new P2P Live Podcaster, can realize the function of podcasting, sending the local audio and video files and signals from television card, compression card, collection card, PC camera, microphone to the Internet

Free, Internet Tv, Iptv, Iptv Download, Iptv Software, Live Broadcast, Moive, Nba, Online Tv, P2p, Soccer, Web Tv


Not Rated Yet NBA TOOLBAR 1.0 by Quicknation NBA TOOLBAR View

Free NBA Toolbar.Made for the NBA fan! Keep you informed with the Free NBA Toolbar.The Quicknation NBA Toolbar also include more than 100 top search engines.Quicknation NBA Toolbar contains no advertising and does not profile or target you.

Nba, Toolbar


Not Rated Yet Basketball Browser 1.0 by 4ComTech Basketball Browser View

Basketball Browser is a basketball themed web browser that delivers easy access to NBA and NCAA basketball news. Read hoops coverage provided by ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sportsline, CNN/SI, NBC Sports, and Yahoo Sports with ease by utilizing tabs...

Basketball Browser, Basketball News, Basketballbrowser, Basketballwebbrowser, Nba, Nbahoops, Ncaa Basketball


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