Nurb Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet 3DM Import for AutoCAD 1.0 by SYCODE 3DM Import for AutoCAD View

3DM Import for AutoCAD is a Rhinoceros® 3DM file import plug-in for AutoCAD®. This plug-in gives AutoCAD the ability to import geometric data from 3DM files. 3DM Import for AutoCAD offers seamless conversion of 3DM geometry to AutoCAD's DWG...

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Not Rated Yet Mesh To Solid 3.0 by SYCODE Mesh To Solid View

Mesh To Solid is a software to convert a mesh into a solid. Mesh To Solid is designed to be extremely user friendly and easy to understand. Its as easy as opening a mesh file using the Open command and saving it as a solid using the Save As command.

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