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Not Rated Yet Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 6.47 by Hermetic Systems Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced View

This software scans a text file, multiple files or text on the clipboard, and counts the number of occurrences of different words. The text can be non-English. The words which are found and displayed can be ordered alphabetically or by frequency.

Clipboard, Count, Counter, Counting, English, File, French, Frequencies, Frequency, German, Hermetic, Html, Italian, Number, Occurrences, Program, Text, Word, Xml

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Not Rated Yet awContactMgr 1.0 by Eden Systems LLC awContactMgr View

awContactMgr lets you manage personalized information about people. This includes the ability to track Contact, Events, Lists, Codes, Notes. The application allows you to edit and browse these. Make lists of contacts as XML or CSV

Contact Manager, Dynamic Web Application, Groupware, Web Enabled, Zib1l35


Not Rated Yet Inspyder Finder 1.1.1 by Inspyder Software Inc. Inspyder Finder View

Inspyder Finder is like having Ctrl-F ("Find") for your entire website. If you've ever wanted to know which of your pages contained a particular word, phrase or filename, the answer is here. Most modern websites contain scripts that...

Find On My Website, Find Site, Find Website, Find Words, Look On Website, Look Site, One Time Search, Search Site, Search Website

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Not Rated Yet Findola 1.0 by Star Mountain Studios Findola View

Download Findola for hours of fun matching not one but three sets of tiles at the same time, but watch out for the wild tile before he freezes the board solid or explodes! Earn extra points by matching tiles when the bonus stars are flashing.

Concentration Puzzle Games

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Not Rated Yet Filookup 1.1 by Analinx Software Filookup View

Sophisticated and rich on features software tool for cataloguing discs (CD, DVD, flash, etc.) including its files and folders. After disc content is stored in the database any required file or folder could be easily found at all of its locations!

Backup, Catalog, Cataloguing, Cd, Database, Disc, Dvd, File, Folder, Search, Virtual Browsing

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Not Rated Yet RedBox Organizer 6.0 by inKline Global, Inc. RedBox Organizer View

Get powerful tools for daily organizing tasks with RBO. More than just the usual Calendar, Reminder, To-Do, Sticky Notes, Expenses Tracking and Address Book. Quick launch your email, web browser or any other programs with one click on your mouse!

Address Book, Alarm Reminder, Appointments, Calendar, Expenses, Grou, Network Capable, Personal Information Manager, Personal Organizer, Personal Planner, Pim, Productivity Tools, Redbox Organizer, Scheduler, Sticky Notes, Time Management, Workgroups

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Not Rated Yet Criline Search and Replace 3.3 by Criline Software Criline Search and Replace View

Criline Search and Replace is the program for a search and replacement in the required amount of files with the help of just a few clicks. Criline Search and Replace works equally well with any types of files and support regular expressions.

Expressions, Regular, Replace, Replacer, Search, Text

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Not Rated Yet Custody Toolbox 2.0 by Five O'clock Software Custody Toolbox View

Take control of your custody situation with Custody Toolbox and protect your kids' right to be with you. Includes a color-coded calendar, a powerful, searchable journal, expense and mileage trackers, password protection, and more.

Calendar, Child, Children, Court, Custody, Divorce, Journal, Parent, Parenting, Software

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Not Rated Yet Text Monkey PRO 1.0.1 by Boxer Software No view

Text Monkey PRO is a clever program that cleans up ugly, over-quoted email text. It also includes 40 other handy functions. Text Monkey operates on text as it resides on the Windows clipboard, so it extends the functionality of every program you use.

Auto-number, Email Cleanup, Email Quote Removal, Indent, Replace, Sort, Text Conversion, Text To Html Conversion, Unindent

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Not Rated Yet The Sleuthhound! PDF Search 4.6.3 by iSleuthhound Technologies The Sleuthhound! PDF Search View

Fast search tool for PDF files and MS Office documents allows you to index documents, search PDF files and find the info you need in a second. Select folders with PDF Files, enter keywords, press the Find button and results are instantly displayed.

Pdf Adobe Acrobat Search Find Desktop Tool Engine Windows File Index Toolbar Lost Documents Retrieval

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