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 by Withdata Software
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OraLobEditor is a Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit tool. OraLobEditor allows you to proceed quickly and efficiently in your Oracle LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field edit work.

The main features are:

1 View/Edit LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field(plain text,RTF,image,hex,html,xml...).
2 Common image formats support(JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF...) .
3 Editing LOB(CLOB,BLOB) field in hexadecimal mode .
4 View/Edit long string(Char,Varchar2) field in text editor.
5 Editing string(Char,Varchar2) Field in hexadecimal mode .
6 Enter SQL statements to query a database, view, edit, insert, and delete data in tables.
7 Run scripts of unlimited length. You can load SQL command from file or save SQL command to file.
8 Syntax Hi-lighting of keywords, string literals and comments.

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