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Not Rated Yet Email Protector 2.0 by MazePath Software Email Protector View

Automatically protect your email from prying eyes! Anyone can read your Outlook Express email, but Email Protector can password protect and automatically log off your email account! Email Protector shows you how to add password protection to...

Add On, Add-on, Browser, Explorer, Favorites, History, Internet, Internet Explorer, Surf, Surfing, Tool, Utility


Not Rated Yet Outlook Express Email Saver 5.0 by MazePath Software Outlook Express Email Saver View

#1 Most Popular Outlook Express Utility ... save your email the easy way, to any drive, with automatic scheduled backups. Also save your Address Book and Internet Favorites! Anyone can create and restore email archives with Outlook Express...

Archive, E-mail, Email Tool, Outlook Express, Outlook Express Email, Outlook Express Tools, Save E-mail, Save Email, Save Outlook Express

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Not Rated Yet My Voice Email for Outlook 2.2 by No view

My Voice Email for Outlook is an Outlook add-in which lets you record and send audio messages in Microsoft Outlook. It works with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP and Outlook 2003. All you need to do is speak and click, which will take less time than typ

Add-in, Addin, Audio E-mail, Audio Email, Mail Client, Outlook, Software, Voice E-mail, Voice Email, Voice Mail

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Not Rated Yet Atomic Outlook Email Extractor 2.10 by AtomPark Software Atomic Outlook Email Extractor View

The extension for Atomic E-mail Logger is an Outlook email address extractor. It also supports Outlook Express, Eudora, IncrediMail and The Bat. It works very fast and easy. Just launch the program, open "File / Plugins / Mailbox Hunter" menu and...

Collect, E-mail, Email, Extract, Extractor, Grab, Grabber, Harvest, Harvester, Mail, Outlook

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Not Rated Yet Jvw filter email 1.0 by Jimmy's Value World, Inc. Jvw filter email View

Email Spam filter with the below features : Bounce messages from known spammers , Compatible with Outlook and Outlook Express, other clients., Account wizard function, Import facility from Outlook, Outlook express., Hide to tray,...

Bounce Email, Filter Email, Mail Daemon, Spam, Spam Blocker, Spam Stopper, Spammer, Spyware

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Not Rated Yet Valentines III Email Stationery 2.0 by Cloudeight Internet Valentines III Email Stationery View

Valentines III email stationery; a set of 12 scrolling, musical stationery for use with Outlook and Outlook Express; compatible with XP. Beautiful variety to choose from includes Glass Heart, Greetings, You are Mine, Forever, As a Child, and many...

Animated Stationery, Cloudeight, Eightball, Email Stationery For Outlook, Musical, Outlook, Outlook Express, Scroling, Thundercloud, Valentines Email Stationery, Valentines Stationary, Valentines Stationery


Not Rated Yet Easy Email Spam Filter 1.21 by Easy Email Spam Filter View

Easy Email Spam Filter is an easy to use email spam filter utility that will stop email spam from entering your Outlook inbox or Outlook Express inbox. Easy Email Spam Filter is a simple spam blocker application that runs unobtrusively while...

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Not Rated Yet MsgSave 4.3.2 by Sarcophagus Limited MsgSave View

MsgSave is an email archiving software add-in for Microsoft Outlook which makes saving email simple. This email management software enables bulk saving of .msg files and has the ability to save outlook message files including attachments to any PC...

Archive, Archiving Email, Backup Email, Email, Messagesave, Outlook, Save Outlook Email, Saving


Not Rated Yet OnLetterhead - Branded Email Stationary by Branded "E" OnLetterhead - Branded Email Stationary View

OnLetterhead is the premier everyday email branding tool. It plugs directly into Outlook allowing you to brand every email that leaves your office. With Onletterhead Pro, you can manage your e-campaigns directly from Outlook and generate reports.

Branded Email, Email Letterhead, Email Stationary, Email Stationery, Everyday Branded Email, Letterhead For Outlook, Onletterhead, Onletterhead Pro, Outlook Emails, Outlook Express Stationery, Stationary, Stationery

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Not Rated Yet Email Templates Lite 5.0 by Email Templates Email Templates Lite View

Email Templates is an add-in to Microsoft Outlook for sending personalized messages rapidly to individuals & multiple recipients. ET has the ability to create customizable message templates speeding the handling of email.

Add-ins, Addins, E-mail, Email, Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Shareware, Utilities, Windows Messaging, Xp


Not Rated Yet Email Announcer 4.0.0 by Blind Bat Software Email Announcer View

Email Announcer brings several new features to Microsoft Outlook. With Email Announcer installed you never have to stop what you're doing to see what just popped into your inbox. Every time you receive a new email, reminder, task, meeting request,...

Blind Bat, Characters, Com, Com Add-in, Email, Email Announcer, Email Filter, Email Notification, Email Notifier, Email Reader, Junk Email, Microsoft Agent, Notification, Notifier, Outlook, Outlook Add-in, Read, Read Receipt, Spam, Speak

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Not Rated Yet Mail Archive Pro 1.6 by OOTP Developments Mail Archive Pro View

Mail Archive Pro - a Complete Email Storage and Search Tool for Microsoft Outlook. Administer and store email Outlook-compatible in a powerful, flexible archive! Lightning fast full text search of tens of thousands of emails and attachments!

Archiv, Archive, E-mail, Email, Mail, Mail Archive Pro, Mail Client, Mailarchive, Outlook

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Not Rated Yet Outlook Express Mail Alert 2.1 by Accurate Solutions Outlook Express Mail Alert View

Outlook Express Mail Alert(OEMA) is an email notification program. It is designed to easily inform or remind new email in Microsoft Outlook Express. The software helps you monitor, remind your email when necessary.

Email, Email For Outlook Express, Inform, New Mail, Outlook Express Mail Alert, Prompter., Remind, Sound


Not Rated Yet S-Agent 1.01 by Network Research Lab, Ltd. No view

S-Mail Agent is a one-step email encryption plug-in for any email software such as MS Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, Outlook Express, Pegasus, TheBat!, Netscape Mail, etc. Enjoy secure email via your favorite email program!

Confidential, Correspondence, Digital, E-mail, Encrypted, Encryption, Message, Openpgp, Privacy, Private, Safety, Secure, Signature, Web-based


Not Rated Yet Easy Mail Merge Outlook Add-in 1.1.85 by DS Development Easy Mail Merge Outlook Add-in View

Easy Mail Merge for Outlook gives you the power to fully personalize email messages and quickly deliver individual emails to your contacts list, being the perfect solution for your mail merge needs, such as personalizing email newsletters,...

Add-in, Bulk Email, Email, Email Campaigns, Email Marketing, Group Email, Mail Merge, Mass Email, Message, Outlook, Personalise, Personalised, Personalize, Personalized, Utility

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Not Rated Yet Mailbox Fetch 2.0 by Group Fetch Mailbox Fetch View

Mailbox Fetch is designed to extract attachments from popular email programs like Outlook Express, Outlook, Netscape , Mozilla etc. Instead of copying every attachment to the harddisk, you can use this program to extract all of the attachments...

Mailbox Picture Extract, Outlook, Outlook Express, Outlook Express Downloader, Outlook Express Mailbox, Outlook Image Extract, Outlook Mail Box, Outlook Mailbox, Outlook Picture Downloader

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Not Rated Yet CannedResponses 1.9.1 by 4Team Corporation CannedResponses View

Addin integrated in MS Outlook email toolbar that significantly simplifies the process of sending numerous or repetitive email. Canned text, templates, Emoticons, attachments to make your professional personalized email response in just few clicks.

Addin, Addon, Annotis., Canned, E-mail, Email, Help Desk, Hotbar, Outlook, Pesonalized Email, Plugin, Reply, Responses, Stamps, Templates, Toolbar

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Not Rated Yet LBE Email Scheduler 1.0.25 by Leigh Business Enterprises Ltd. LBE Email Scheduler View

Send newsletters to customers,friends, family. Schedule recurring emails. Keep in touch by email. * Send emails to your colleagues, friends and family * Use it for automatic reminders * Doesn't require Outlook or Outlook Express * Supports HTML

E-mail, Email, Mailing List, Newsletter, Recurrning Email, Schedule Email, Schedule Recurring Email, Scheduled Email

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Not Rated Yet Stationery Selector 1.0 by MazePath Software Stationery Selector View

Quicky and easily customize your email! Just browse and click to set a background image for Outlook Express email. Change your stationery as often as you change your mind! Find the exact stationery you want fast and set it with a single...

Background, Custom, Email E-mail, Express, Oe, Outlook, Outlook Express, Select, Stationery

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Not Rated Yet Outlook Express To HTML Converter 1.2 by NSoftware Outlook Express To HTML Converter View

Outlook Express To HTML Converter exports Outlook Express emails to the portable HTML format. The program helps to create large email archives where any message can be viewed in any browser regardless of the mailing software and platform.

Mail Archive, Outlook Express, Outlook Express Archive, Outlook Express Backup, Outlook Express Converter

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