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P4 Changelist Grabber Software Screenshot

 by DesertHail
P4 Changelist Grabber Preview

The 'P4 Changelist Grabber' provides a quick, easy way to pull one or more changelists from your Perforce source control server to a local folder of your choice, pulling the revisions of the files in those changelists (and *only* those files / revisions), all the while maintaining the correct directory hierarchy from your depot(s). There is a way to accomplish this goal from within the Perforce visual client, P4V, but it requires multiple steps, can only deal with one changelist at a time, and is generally a hassle.

To use it, simply enter one or more changelist numbers in the 'P4 Changelist Number(s)' box, separating multiple entries with commas. Then, enter a valid Perforce workspace in the 'P4 Workspace' box. Next, hit the 'Browse' button, and pick a local directory to pull the changelist(s) to. Check the 'Delete Existing Content In Destination Directory?' box if you wish to have the destination directory cleared out before the grab begins, and click on the 'Grab It!' button. That's it!

The program will then set your Perforce workspace, get the necessary changelist descriptions from the server, optionally clear out your destination directory, and then, for each changelist you specified, perform a sync of all the files involved to the correct revisions, followed by copying the necessary files to your destination directory, maintaining the correct directory hierarchy. Changelists are processed in chronological order (regardless of what order you entered in your comma-separated changelist numbers), with each newer changelist that is pulled and copied automatically overwriting any older files of the same name in your destination directory.

When you exit the program, your preferences will automatically be saved for the next run.

The 'P4 Changelist Grabber' is made available as FREEWARE. It contains no virii, adware, spyware, back doors, or trojans.

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