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 by Stonisa Software
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What PTR has to offer you?
- Automatic reading of all e-mail accounts (POP3)
- Automatic reading of PTR site inbox using separate automated
web browsing process
- Organizing of received mails for easy after-reading and
- Help in choosing what links you want to click
- Automatic clicking of all the links your connection and desktop can bear with
- Automatic read-out of earning tables
- Keeping tracks of earnings tables and received mails
- Help in redeeming for advertise
- Help in PTC clicking maximizing your earning potential
and many more ...
This software is designed to keep your internet connection time usage (and costs incurred that way) as optimal as possible. Many internet connected activities run as separate processes. This way it is accomplished that they run independently from each other.
And software is fully configurable allowing you to set it up according to your various connection and machine speed.
And the best thing also is that it is completely spyware free, no unwanted and unexpected features. And due to heavy use it is almost bug free.

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