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Not Rated Yet MemDB Beauty Management System 1.0 by MemDB Technology Company MemDB Beauty Management System View

This system is tailor-made for for a Beauty Center. It manages the membership, package, service, product, discount, appointment etc. It also provide employee comission function. Package can be a cash or service package. Package can set a free...

Anaylsis, Beauty, Center, Coupon, Development, Hong, Kong, Package, Software, Tailor-made

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Not Rated Yet JPack SDK 1.0 by Jomac Inc. JPack SDK View

JPack is an ActiveX DLL and provides methods for programmatically creating and modifying packages in the 'JPack' file format. The package is uncompressed and very basic. The whole package is loaded into memory, then the files are cached into a...

Activex, Archive, Dll, Files, Jpack, Pack, Package, Packager, Packaging, Pak, Vb


Not Rated Yet WebGrid - DataGrid/Graphs/WYSIWYG editor 1.9 by WebGrid software No view

WebGrid free library package contains utilities used by WebGrid - plug and play grid and are found in the namespace "WebGrid.Util". In this package are WebGrid - free charts. A easy-to-use charting solution for unique and data presentation.

2dchart, 3dchart, Area, Chart, Pie


Not Rated Yet Easy Way to Use MySQL++ 2.0 by ICT eBooks by Yeoh HS Easy Way to Use MySQL++ View

Would you like to know how to create MySQL client applications using Visual C++ with MySQL++ class library? What is MySQL? The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. Its MySQL++ C++ class library allows you to...

C++, Mfc, Mysql++

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Not Rated Yet RobinInstaller 1.0 by Robin programmer RobinInstaller View

Simple Install package creator. Supports new registry keys, shortcuts creating, uninstallation. Not very easy to use - it requies knowledge about Windows registry, icon placements, file type definitions, but all this is in readme.

Creator, Deploy, Deployment, Distributive, Install, Installator, Installer, Package, Setup, Uninstall


Not Rated Yet CSUpload Controls Package 1.0 by Netvak, Inc. CSUpload Controls Package View

Do you know a bad or not good ASP.NET file upload control will cause your web site to open up a possible vulnerability to a denial of service attack? If your web site is very important to you, you should consider it! Overview : CSUpload...

.net Framework, Ajax,, Component, File Upload, Httpmodule, Uploading, Visual Studio 2005, Web Control

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Not Rated Yet All Audio Converter 1.5 by All Audio Converter View

All Audio Converter is a fully integrated Audio software package to make your own digital music and audio CD. It can encode wave to MP3, WMA, VQF, OGG, decode MP3, VQF, OGG to wave file, rip audio CD tracks to wave and mp3 files. Use MP3, wave...

Cd To Mp3, Mp3 Decoder, Mp3 Encoder, Mp3 To Cd, Wma Converter, Wma To Mp3

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Not Rated Yet Shipmate 2006 by cctsoftware Shipmate View

Keep track of shipments from FEDEX, UPS, DSL and the USPS. Enter all itracking numbers in a master list which Shipmate uses to retrieve delivery informtation. You can also get driving directions, look up zip codes, look up area codes and more!

Currency Conversion, Dhl, Driving Directions, Fedex, Google, Maps, Package, Phone Number Lookup, Postal, Shipping, Track Package, Track Shipment, Ups, Usps, Weather

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Not Rated Yet EasyBugNets 1.11c by Ct SAMPY EasyBugNets View

EasyBugNets- Free Automatic Bug Reporting for Delphi Applications. The package includes a bugreport component with sources, an example program with sources, all necessary help and an assistant (limited version). EasyBugNets is free to use.

Automatic, Bug, Bugreport, Debug, Delphi, Exception, Free, Generator, Package, Protection, System, Tracking

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Not Rated Yet R-Bar 1.0 by Spriteworks Developments R-Bar View

R-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable navigation menu that includes both vertical and horizontal versions in a single package. R-Bar v1.0 includes custom cursor support, support for special effects and 8 different button themes....

Authoring, Buttons, Css, Development, Javascripts, Links, Menus, Mouseovers, Navigation, Rollovers, Scripts, Toolbars, Vertical, Web


Not Rated Yet Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs 2.0 by ICT eBooks by Yeoh HS Easy Way to Build MySQL Client Programs View

Would you like to know how to create MySQL client applications using Visual C++ with MySQL C API? What is MySQL? The MySQL database server is the world's most popular open source database. Its C API allows you to easily create clients that...

Api, C, C++, Client, Mfc, Mysql

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Not Rated Yet VBConversions VB.Net to C# and J# Converters 1.0 by VBConversions VBConversions VB.Net to C# and J# Converters View

Save Money with our Package Deal: VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter and VB.Net to J# Converter. The VB.Net to C# Converter is a stand alone program which converts VB.Net 2003 and 2005 projects to C#. The VB.Net to J# converter is a Visual...

C#, Converter, J#, Java, Vb, Vb To C#, Vb To J#,, To C# Converter, To J# Converter, Vbconversions

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Not Rated Yet Text Capture SDK 1.00 by Hooking Software Text Capture SDK View

Text Capture SDK is a pure Delphi package of a Text Hooking DLL and a Word Capture Sample Program, Text Hooking DLL captures the text contents of any Windows and Controls by Hooking the TextOut /ExtTextOut /DrawText APIs.

Api Capture, Api Hijack, Api Hook, Api Hooking, Api Interception, Dll Hook, Dll Injection, Hook Api, Text Capture, Text Hook, Word Capture

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Not Rated Yet FlashSCR 3.2 by ExeIcon FlashSCR View

Package favorite flash movies in one Screen saver. These movies can be played at one time or one by one. You or the end user can set many features of every movie such as playback range,time frame,scene domain,quality,background color etc.

Create, Creator, Flash, Flash Screensaver, Flash To Screensaver, Make, Maker, Screensaver, Swf, Swf To Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Security Pro Pack 1.5 by Security Pro World Security Pro Pack View

Security PRO Pack provides essential tools for privacy protection, a password and sensitive info wallet, and a folder hider. Secrecy File & Folder Hider allows you to hide any folder and keep curious eyes away from your private files.

Clean, File, Folder, Pack, Package, Password, Privacy, Pro, Secrecy, Security


Not Rated Yet Stock Startup by FreeStone Group Stock Startup View

Free Application Launcher Tool. If you need to start several programs simultaneously, this program can be useful to you. Using Stock Startup it is extraordinary easy to create a package from programs and to start it.

Application, Download, Free, Launch, Launcher, Package, Program, Tool


Not Rated Yet Ortus Shell Components 2.33 by Ortus No view

Add Microsoft® Windows® shell functionality to your applications with this component package! Ortus Shell Components is a component package for the Borland® developer community containing 10 outstanding shell components. Full context...

C++builder, Components, Delphi, Shell


Not Rated Yet SystemReport 1.00 by Agentix Software SystemReport View

SystemReport Utility can be used to generate customized to your needs system information report and to send it via email. For developers, beta-testers, support teams and all who helps user to survive in this Era of Future Technologies :).

Betatest, Betatester, Betatesting, Bugreport, Remote, Support, Sysinfo, Systeminfo, Systeminformation, Technicalsupport, Techsupport

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Not Rated Yet ArtificialNeuronalNetwork 1.00 by logiware gmbh ArtificialNeuronalNetwork View

This package implements an Artifical Neuronal Network (ANN), which is based on a backpropagtion algorithm. Empower your Delphi or C++ Builder application with A R T I F I C I A L I N T E L L I G E N C E !!! Have a look at the included demo...

Ann, Artificial, C++ Builder, Component, Cpp, Delphi, Network, Neural, Neuronal, Sourcecode

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Not Rated Yet BrixFormer 2.0 by TameStorm Games BrixFormer View

BrixFormer 8 in 1 is a package of 8 logical/puzzle games. If you want to relax after a long working day or you would like your child to play developing and interesting games we advise you to try BrixFormer. You will enjoy this game! 8 types of...

3d, Brixformer, Game, Games, Gem, Logic, Pc, Puzzle, Shareware, Slider


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