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Not Rated Yet HS POP3 Lite 1.0 by Hillstone Software HS POP3 Lite View

HS POP3 Lite is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements the client side of Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) over TCP socket layer according to RFC 1939. Among other features, the library supports user...

C Source Library, C Source Module, Email Client, Pop3, Protocol Library, Protocol Module, Rfc1939, Tcp, Winsock


Not Rated Yet AnimaX 2.24.0363 by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware AnimaX View

AnimaX is a challenging puzzle game with animal pictures. The parts of a picture have to be sorted by moving or swapping with a mouse click. The number of pieces is adjustable to the childs skills from 9 to 64. Optional sound and background music.

Animals, Animax, Children, Educational, Game, Kids, Pictures, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet 3D SurfTris 1.0 by 3D Surf Games 3D SurfTris View

SurfTris is a Tetris clone with a new twist. Instead of 2D plane, playing field is spread upon a 3D surface. There are five different surfaces to choose from: Cylinder, Cone, Hyperboloid and two twisted spiral planes.

Arcade, Arcade Game, Free, Free Games, Game, Games, Puzzle, Puzzle Game, Tetris Clone

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Not Rated Yet Beads 1.0 by Alawar Entertainment Beads View

This endless game is a marvelous example of a puzzle, which is promising to become one of the best time-killers of this year. Combine at least three beads of the same color in a line and they will vanish freeing some space for new beads to drop.

Advanced, Alawar, Beads, Classic, Entertainment, Game, Games, Logic, Puzzle, Remake

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Not Rated Yet Noble Stallions Screensaver 1.0 by Heavenly Bodies ScreenSavers Noble Stallions Screensaver View

Horse lovers we have the screen saver for you. Explore the grace and nobility of this fine animal. This free screen saver includes lots of beautiful photographs of horses in the field, in the corral, in their stalls, on the beach and with rider.

Animals, Cats, Cities, Dogs, Family, Free, Freeware, Pets, Saver, Scenics, Screen, Screen Saver, Screensaver, Shareware


Not Rated Yet TBS Easy Fixed Assets 5.50 by Taylor Business Software TBS Easy Fixed Assets View

TBS Easy Fixed Assets will keep track of fixed assets, by location or asset no., calculate monthly depreciation amounts, prints reports. You can enter up to 4 user defined fields to store custom information, plus there is a extensive note field.

Accounting, Depreciation, Fixed Assets

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Not Rated Yet Hot Lines 1.2 by Hot Lines View

The freeware addictive 3D interpretation of the legendary Lines – the most popular office game ever. The game is absolutely free and includes two play modes (Arcade Lines and Timed Lines) and three skill levels to suit all tastes and ages.

Arcade, Computergame, Download, Free, Freeware, Game, Lines, Logic, Office, Pc, Play Modes, Puzzles, Skill Levels, Timer., Window


Not Rated Yet Excel Import Multiple Paradox Tables Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft Excel Import Multiple Paradox Tables Software View

Send Paradox tables to blank MS Excel worksheets. The field names of the Paradox table will be brought in as the first Excel row. The data of the Paradox table will be brought in as additional Excel rows. Specify which fields (columns) of the...

2.0, 2000, 2003, 2007, Admin, Administrator, Ado, Ansa-software, Application, Automation, Back, Bde, Best Way, Between, Borland, Bring In, C++, Columns, Connect, Connecter

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Not Rated Yet All Movie Tracker 1.1 by CyberNiche Software All Movie Tracker View

All Movie Tracker is an easy to use database program for keeping track of the movies in your collection. Record all your movie purchases (or rentals) so you can avoid buying or renting the same movie again. Record the location to make it easier to...

Actors, Dvd, Movie, Movie Collection, Movie Collector, Movie Library, Movies, Organize, Producers, Tapes, Vhs, Video, Videophile, Videos, Watching

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Not Rated Yet ClearMove 2.11 by New Logical Games ClearMove View

Logical game of an average level of complexity for the adult and children. Your score is equal the beginning of the game to zero. On perimeter of a field the buttons are located. Near to each button the block is placed. At pressing the...

Best Game, Children, Classic Game, Download, Game, Games For Office, Lines, Logic, Logical, Logical Games, Office, Puzzle, Tetris


Not Rated Yet Redcoal Mobile Messenger 4.0 by Redcoal No view

Chat via SMS with Mobile Messenger! Just click the send SMS button created by this easy-to-install program and send and receive SMS messages to and from your field employees, staff, clients, partners and friends to and from over 130 countries....

Email2sms, Instant, Messenger, Mobile, Mobile Messenger, Outlook, Outlook2sms, Reply Sms, Send Sms, Short Message, Sms, Sms Outlook


Not Rated Yet Fiber Twig 1.01 by Puzzle Lab Fiber Twig View

Give free rein to your imagination in the fantasy forest full of puzzles and mysteries. Connect cute little twigs to restore the original pattern, which was destroyed by the hurricane, and get a beautiful picture at the end of the level.

Classic, Download, Downloadable, Game, Inlay, Logic, Mosaic, Pc, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Northern Lights of Jupiter Screensaver 1.0 by RateMyScreensaver Northern Lights of Jupiter Screensaver View

The free screensaver, The Northern Lights of Jupiter, was created by and contains 10 high resolution images. Both Jupiter and Saturn have magnetic fields much stronger than Earth's and both have large radiation belts.

Aurora, Free Screensaver, Free Screensavers, Jupiter, Space


Not Rated Yet Arcaball 1.2 by Arcaball View

This nice logic game takes place at the board 12x12 with vivid balls. The purpose of the game is to clear the field. The combination of 5 or more balls of the same color disappears. Every failure (no combination was built) brings three new balls...

Addictive, Arcade, Download, Free Download, Lines, Logic, Pocket Pc, Points, Puzzle, Relax, Shareware, Timer, Trial, Windows Ce

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Not Rated Yet Collex Amanda 2.3 by Zetaware Collex Amanda View

Collex Amanda is a Windows Puzzle / Arcade game. If you enjoy games like Breakthru, Tetris and Kye you'll like Collex. The object of the game is to navigate the green collector ball, "Your box", through a block based game field to collect pieces

Breakthru, Collex, Kye, Soko, Tetris


Not Rated Yet Coolcubes 1.0 by SoftArtStudio Coolcubes View

If you have got tired of work you can have a rest with the help of this interesting and addictive game. Collecting adjacent color cubes (or numbers) for creating sets, either horizontal or vertical, of 2 or more identical cubes. 3 game modes.

2d Game, 3d Game, Action, Arcade, Bejeweled Deluxe, Bonus, Color Cubes, Color Lines, Coolcubes, Cubes, Download Game, Dynomite, Dynomite Deluxe, Free Download Games, Free Games, Gold Cubes, Monster, Office Games, Pacman, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet BlockBusting Babes Lite 1.0 by BlockBusting Babes Lite View

This free erotic game is a real feast for all lovers of erotic Tetris(TM) puzzle games and fine art photos of beautiful sexy women. The main goal of the game is to reveal sexy photos by clearing the playing field. Absolutely free version!

Download, Download For Free, Erotic Game, Erotica, Free, Freeware, Games, Hegre, No Payment, Pics, Puzzle, Sexy, Sexy Shots, Tetris


Not Rated Yet EazyDoc 2.0.0 by Datacraft No view

EazyDoc documents the structure of MS-SQL 2000 & 2005 databases. The final product is an easy-to-read Word document that can include: Primary Keys, Field Information (type, size, identity, nullable, description), Indexes, Check Constraints, etc.

Check Constraints, Data, Database, Database Annotations, Database Documenter, Database Documention, Database Structure, Default Constraint, Eazydoc, Fields, Ms-sql, Primary Keys, Schema, Sql Database, Sql Server, Sql Tools


Not Rated Yet Daboo Password Protector 2.0.0.x by Daboo Password Protector View

Daboo Password Protector is a secure password management application. It was developed with security as the top priority, using the same methods used by high security lock companies that develop products for keeping bank vaults and valuables...

Code, Dienhart, Encryption, Field, Hidden, Login, Management, Manager, Password, Passwords, Username

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Not Rated Yet MSG by DesertHail MSG View

MSG allows you to send "Net Send" messages quickly and easily from a clean graphical interface. Search your domain for computers, send to entire domains, specify the "From" field, and more. The MSGProxyService works on a network remote to you.

Client, Enterprise, Graphical, Lan, Messaging, Msg, Msgproxyservice, Net, Netbios, Send


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