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Not Rated Yet Science Helper For Ms Word 2.2 by helpscience inc Science Helper For Ms Word View

Science helper for MS Word® is a fundamental tool for the aspiring science teacher, student or researcher. This program will allow the user to make a professional and functional document with ease of point and click usage.

Algebra Homework Help, Chemistry Homework Help, Curve, High School Physics, Math Homework Help, Office Automation, Physical Science, Physics Homework Help, Science Experiment, Science Homework Help, Teacher Helper, Teacher Stuff, Teacher Tool

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Not Rated Yet Science Toolbar 1.0 by Quicknation Science Toolbar View

Free Science Toolbar. Keep you informed with the Free Science Toolbar.The Quicknation Science Toolbar also include more than 100 top search engines.Quicknation Toolbars contains no advertising and does not profile or target you.

Free Science Toolbar.


Not Rated Yet The Science of Self Realization (Pdf) 1.08 by Bhaktivedanta Booktrust Inc (BBTi) The Science of Self Realization (Pdf) View

Gaining liberation from the law of karma, and achieving super consciousness. In the interviews, lectures, essays, and letters chosen for this book, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada speaks with startling clarity and power.

Gauranga, Hare Krishna Maha Mantra,, Srila Prabhupada.


Not Rated Yet MakBit Virtual CD/DVD 1.3.1 by MakBit Software MakBit Virtual CD/DVD View

MakBit Virtual CD/DVD is a powerful utility for creating and managing virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and discs. These virtual CD and DVD drives are much more quick, reliable and convenient than physical ones. Features & Benefits: Play CDs and...

Backup, Cd, Duplicate, Dvd, Emulate, File, Image, Iso, Makbit, Tool, Udf, Utility, Virtual


Not Rated Yet ChronoControl 3.1 Lite by Vladimir Kim No view

ChronoControl protects your health and eyesight when working at the computer and guards your children against the negative influence of computer games (both from physical health risks and psychological dependency).

Eyestrain, Headache, Health, Schedule, Tunnel Syndrome


Not Rated Yet BioMolecula 3D ScreenSaver 1.1 by TERMINAL Studio BioMolecula 3D ScreenSaver View

This screensaver shows real 3D models of biological molecules in dynamics. Your screen will look like screens of computers in science fiction films! Six molecules are available in the current version: four prototypes of DNA and two proteins.

3d, Bio, Biological, Dna, Fiction, Molecule, Protein, Saver, Science, Screen, Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Polynetix 35th Dimension 1.1 by Polynetix Studio Polynetix 35th Dimension View

This screensaver build on last attaiment of science in the area of prophecy. 35-th dimension is a global pool of all fate energy. You need only think of a question in moment when capsule get mental information, and then capsule travel through many...

35th, 3d, Dimension, Machine, Polynetix, Sci-fi, Screensaver, Time

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Not Rated Yet VIBio 1.0 by Valeri Vlassov VIBio View

Biorythms with diagramms and comments. - classical biorythms: physical, emotional, intellectual; - modern biorythms: intuitial, aesthetic, spiritual; - comments for today; - possibility to show and compare a lot of biorythms together;

Aesthetic, Biological, Biorythms, Comments, Cycles, Diagramms, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitial, Physical, Spiritual


Not Rated Yet Canvas Professional Edition 9.0.4 by ACD Systems Canvas Professional Edition View

CANVAS 9 is the high-performance drawing environment for professionals in business, science, and engineering. It seamlessly integrates technical drawing, image editing, page layout, web graphics & presentation features into a single application.

Cad Software, Desktop Publishing, Graphics Software, Presentation Software, Publication Software, Technical Drawing Software, Vector Illustration Software

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Not Rated Yet Dr. Germ 1.1 by Intermediaware Dr. Germ View

Dr.Germ is looking for a new assistant! Are you up to the task? Experiment with germeology in 4 separate game types to earn science awards. Work your way up the medical ladder and take your place beside Dr.Germ as one of the greatest germeologists...

Bejeweled, Downloads, Dr.germ, Free, Game, Games, Logic, Match-3, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism 1.0 by The Art And Science Of Personal Magnetism View

Do you have a personality that attracts or repels? Do you ever wonder why people who are less physically attractive than you get swarmed by members of the opposite sex while you aren't? Do you attract wealth, power and fame with super...

Personal Magnetism, Self Help

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Not Rated Yet News Desktop Scrolling Bar (rss--xml) 2.0 by News Desktop Scrolling Bar (rss--xml) View

With News Desktop Scrolling Bar, get Worlds latest TV news right on your desktop, including top stories, sports, games, world news, health, technology, business, and science. See titles on your desktop with a very small text scrolling bar at top.

Bar, Desktop, Feed, News, Reader, Rss, Server, Xml, Yahoo

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Not Rated Yet C/C++ SLOC Counter by retiSoft, inc. C/C++ SLOC Counter View

Counts C/C++ source program physical & logical lines of code. Useful for various management planning and reporting tasks, calculating quality metrics, or just to gauge your program size estimation skills. Counts both physical lines of code (i.e.,...

C, C++, Counter, Developer, Loc, Sloc, Utilities, Utility

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Not Rated Yet MathML .NET Control by soft4science MathML .NET Control View

MathML .NET Control 2.0 is a Equation editor component designed for the .NET Framework. MathML .NET Control is an Equation editor for all users ranging from students and teachers to the high-end science and technical publishers. It provides you...

Editor, Equation, Formulas, Math, Mathml, Xml


Not Rated Yet MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software 1.5 by MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software View

MB Free Biorhythm Chart Software helps you generate your daily biorhythm charts. The chart displays the three primary cycles for physical, emotional and intellectual cycles. These cycles help a person understand how his body functions.

Astrology, Biorhythm, Calculator, Chart, Cycles, Emotional, Free, Generator, Intellectual, Mystic Board, Physical, Psychic, Tarot


Not Rated Yet Windows XP Tweaks 1.0 by Small Business Services Windows XP Tweaks View

Windows XP Tweaks will make Windows XP more responsive and less irritating by performing the following system tweaks: * Loads the kernel (Windows XP system core) into physical memory instead of virtual memory - Note: Physical memory (RAM) is...

Windows Xp Tweaks


Not Rated Yet Miracle Mongers and Their Methods 1.0 by Miracle Mongers and Their Methods View

This is a book on how common psychology, special effects and trickery can create miracles for audiences.  The author tries to explain that there may be nothing supernatural in magic but only science and illusion. 

Ebooks, Home Business, Online Business Opportunity, Package, Profits 100%, Resale Empire, Resell Rights, Ultimate

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Not Rated Yet Beautiful Fall Thanksgiving Screensaver 2.0 by Beautiful Fall Thanksgiving Screensaver View

Enjoy the scenes of the images slowly moving down in the saver. A beautiful combination of art and science of designing. Install this free animated screensaver and enjoy your thanksgiving holiday watching it on your screen.

Fall, Flash, Good, Happy, Joyful, River, Saver, Screen, Screensaver, Thankful, Thanksgiving, Trees, Wishes


Not Rated Yet The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2 by Science Translations Software The Letterhead Kit-32 View

The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2/Win, (ASP)250 Business Correspondence Assistant for Corel WordPerfect 9,8, & 7. Customizes letterheads on the fly, adds message graphics, signatures. Shareware $US20. From Science Translations Software.

Boilerplate, Business, Cards, Corel, Correspondence, Fax, Invoice, Letterhead, Template, Wordperfect

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Not Rated Yet GameDrive CD / DVD Emulator 10 by FarStone Technology GameDrive CD / DVD Emulator View

GameDrive converts your PC games into virtual CDs, or files that run directly on a hard drive. Play games without the physical disc -- simply click on a desktop icon to launch a virtal disc with access rates up to 200 times faster than a CD.

Cd Emulator, Dvd Emulator, Game, Virtual Cd, Virtual Drive, Virtual Dvd


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