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Not Rated Yet Plot2k - AutoCAD Batch Plot utility 1.0.4 by PLot2k Plot2k - AutoCAD Batch Plot utility View

Are you tired of printing drawings? well! we have a solution for you. What is plot2k? plot2k is AutoCAD Batch Plot Utility which can open and print AutoCAD drawings in Batch mode. Plot2k is a 32 bit utility designed to open and print AutoCAD...

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Not Rated Yet iNetBau PlotManager 5.0.8 by Software Entwicklung Ralph Meinel iNetBau PlotManager View

PlotManager, PlotConverter and PlotViewer in one program! The PlotManager is a program for the output, conversion and viewing of plot files in the HP-GL, HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL format. The output of plot files is possible even on plotters and...

Anschauen, Betrachter, Conversion, Convert, Converter, Display, Drucken, Drucker, Hp-gl, Hp-gl/2, Hp-rtl, Hpgl, Hpgl/2, Konverter, Konvertieren, Konvertierung, Manager, Plot, Plotten, Plotter

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Not Rated Yet AutoPlot 2.2 by US Automation Inc. AutoPlot View

AutoPlot allows users to Plot off large drawing sets with just a few key strokes. AutoPlot Automatically builds an AutoCad script file that allows the user to print / plot off large drawing sets with just a few key strokes.

Auto, Autocad, Autoplot, Cad, Plot, Shareware

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Not Rated Yet PLT Export for SolidWorks 1.0 by SYCODE PLT Export for SolidWorks View

PLT Export for SolidWorks is a HPGL Plot PLT file export add-in for SolidWorks®. This add-in gives SolidWorks the ability to export geometric data from a SolidWorks drawing document to a HPGL PLT file. PLT Export for SolidWorks reads curve...

.plt, Add-in, Drawing, Export, Export Plot, Export Plt, File, Hpgl, Hpgl Export, Plot, Plot File, Plt, Plt Export, Plt Export For Solidworks, Plt File, Plug-in, Save As Plt, Save Hpgl, Save Plot, Save Plt


Not Rated Yet Calc 3D Pro 2.1.5 by Greuer Andreas Calc 3D Pro View

Calculator for statistic, function plottting, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, coordinates, intersections. For objects like point, line, plane and sphere distances, intersections, volume, area of squeres, area of a triangle can be calculated.

Complex, Cross Prod, Division, Fit, Intersection, Matrix, Polygon, Quaternion, Scalar Product, Spat Product, Statistic, Subtraction, Vectors


Not Rated Yet 3 Skulls RPG 1.0 by LEGENDARYTALES.COM 3 Skulls RPG View

3 Skulls RPG is a unique text-based fantasy adventure with a graphical user interface and open ended plot. War is gathering on the northern borders of the Kingdom of Korinthia and monster attacks coming out of Gura's Jaw mountain range have become...

Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Medieval, Role Playing, Rpg, Text Based

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Not Rated Yet DB Calc for Windows 3.0 by Dirk Billand DB Calc for Windows View

Scientific calculator and function plotter. Logic operators. Three angle units. Square and cubic roots. Trig. and hyperbolic functions. Logarithm. Numerical Integration. Plot fucntions: linear and logarithmic plots. Parametric plots. Zoom function.

Calculator, Function Plotter, Scientific

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Not Rated Yet SBHttpStat Statistics 1.3 by SB-Software SBHttpStat Statistics View

SBHttpStat repeatedly fetches a URL from a web server and generates a plot of the throughput and latency. You can use it to see how your web server is performing, or to benchmark your internet connection. It's a fairly simple and easy to use...

Http, Http Statistics, Web, Web Statistics


Not Rated Yet Versamap for Windows 2.07 by Versamap Versamap for Windows View

Versamap draws outline maps on 14 map projections. Print publication quality maps, or export maps in vector (WMF, CGM, DXF, ASCII) and bitmapped (BMP) formats. Add text to maps using any Windows font. Plot your own data in a simple ASCII format.

Cartography, Digital, Geography, Map, Mapping, Maps, Outline, Projections, Versamap

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Not Rated Yet CHEMIX School 3.00 by Arne Standnes CHEMIX School View

CHEMIX School - Software for Chemistry It is equipped with a periodic table, molecular 3-D viewer, curve fit, spectroscopy, conversion table, dictionary and many advanced calculators. Chemistry lessons and problems are included.

Acid, Balance, Base, Buffer, Calculator, Chemistry, Chemix, Conversion, Curve Fit, Function, Gas Equations, Ir, Ksp, Lessons, Molecular 3-d Viewer, Ms, Nmr, Periodic Table, Pka, Pkb

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Not Rated Yet PlotLab VCL 3.0 by Mitov Software PlotLab VCL View

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL components library for very easy and fast Data Visualization. The library includes: Scope - scientific chart component for plotting multi-channel data. Waterfall - l data plotting component, especially suitable for FFT...

Chart, Plot, Plotting, Scope, Waterfall

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Not Rated Yet Bob The Schizo 1.0 by ColeJ_uk Games Bob The Schizo View

Bob The Schizo is a platform game which takes action to the extreme. The player controls Bob; just a normal guy who gets caught up in an evil plot to take over the world. Fortunately, Bob knows how to handle a gun, two guns in fact. During the...

2d, Action, Bob, Colej_uk, Guns, Matrix, Platform, Platformer, Schizo, The

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Not Rated Yet AGIS for Windows 2002 by AGIS Software Pty Ltd AGIS for Windows View

AGIS for Windows is a mapping and simple GIS shareware package. Plot your own geographic data on the map of the world provided without the high cost and steep learning curve usually associated with this kind of software.

Animation, Freeware, Gis, Gps, Map, Mapping, Server, Shareware, World

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Not Rated Yet Exile 3 - Ruined World 1.0 by Spiderweb Software, Inc. Exile 3 - Ruined World View

Exile III: Ruined World is a massive, fascinating role-playing game for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000. It has gorgeous, professionally done graphics, an elegant interface, and a fascinating, intricate plot. The world evolves as you travel!

Adventure, Blades, Exile, Fantasy, Game, Role-playing, Rpg, Shareware, Software, Spiderweb

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Not Rated Yet PLT Import for SolidWorks 1.0 by SYCODE PLT Import for SolidWorks View

PLT Import for SolidWorks is a HPGL Plot (.plt) file import add-in for SolidWorks®. This add-in gives SolidWorks the ability to import geometric data from PLT files. PLT Import for SolidWorks reads pen movement data stored PLT files and...

.plt, .plt File, Convert, Convert Plt, File, Hewlett-packard, Hp, Hp-gl, Hpgl, Import, Import Plt, Import Plt File, Open Plt, Open Plt File, Plot, Plt, Plt File, Plt Import, Plt Import For Solidworks, Read Plt


Not Rated Yet Feynas Quest (Macintosh version) 2.1 by Eldwood Feynas Quest (Macintosh version) View

Feyna's Quest is a platform game with role-playing elements. Join Feyna, a young dark elven sorceress, on a quest across three worlds. Features an epic plot, a complete soundtrack, and over 40 types of monsters.

Dark Elf, Dark Elven, Elf, Elven, Jump, Platform, Run, Side-scroller, Side-scrolling, Sidescroller, Sidescrolling

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Not Rated Yet Global Defense Network 1.0 by Global Defense Network View

The GDN is a combination of fast paced shooter and rhythm action game with an intriguing sci-fi plot spread evenly throughout. The Global Defense Network has released their proprietary training simulator to the public. Charged with defending...

Action, Ddr, Defense, Evertt, First, Fps, Fun, Game, Global, Indie, Network, Person, Rhythm, Shareware, Shooter

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Not Rated Yet ecGraph 1.30 by Encore Consulting Pty Ltd ecGraph View

Powerful graphing ActiveX control to create graphs in a huge range of styles. Great for scientific or technical graphs. Do a graph with just a few lines of code. Manipulate the layout at runtime. Multiple graphs. Drag, zoom and scroll. Much more.

Activex, Component, Control, Data, Ecgraph, Engineering, Graph, Plotter, Plotting, Scientific, Vb, Visual Basic

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Not Rated Yet Rt-Science Tools2D for Delphi by Rt-Science Rt-Science Tools2D for Delphi View

The selection of components to generate two dimensional cartesian plots with: unlimited number of axis (secondary axis), automatic scaling, automatic zooming, unlimited number of series, manifold line and point styles...

2d-graph, 2d-plot, Cartesian, Color, Component, Components, Delphi, Differential, Edit, Extended, Fit, Integral, Interpolation, Label, Linear, Non, Picker, Plot, Polynomial, Regression

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Not Rated Yet Cross of Ramplet Mystery Suspense E-book 1.0 by ClydeSight Productions Cross of Ramplet Mystery Suspense E-book View

The Cross of Ramplet! Follow the adventures of Darla Throckmorton and her family as they plot and search for the great treasure of the Knights Templar in this parody of historical mystery suspense novels. 3 chaps in sample zip file open to PDF.

Adventure, Cross, E-book, Ebook, Entertainment, Fiction, History, Knight, Knights_templar, Mystery, Novel, Suspense, Templar


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