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 by Genntt Productions
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PowrClik is lightweight tray based utility intended to maintain power saving and shut down functions of your system by one click or by schedule. It also provides some additional functions concerning the matter. Main functions: enter computer on standby, enter computer into hibernation, log off Windows session, restart computer, power off computer. Additional functions: run screen saver, lock computer, hang up modem connection, disable screen saver, prevent suspend mode activation, prevent Windows shut down.
Options: forced execution, play sound on alarm, play sound repeatedly, command line, color palette (skin) adjusting.

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StandBy / Hibernate / Wake Up / Lock / Log Off / Restart / Power Off / Disconnect computer / Turn off monitor / Run file / Prevent suspend or shut down (+ much more) immediately (by click or command line) or scheduled (by timer, event or script).

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