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Not Rated Yet Gadwin PrintScreen 4.1 by Gadwin Systems, Inc. Gadwin PrintScreen View

Want to create a screenshot suitable for saving or printing? Then just hit a key on your keyboard. Oh yeah, you'll have to download this program first. There are several hotkey combos to choose from. Once you've chosen your favorite combo, head to...

Bmp, Documentation, Downloads, Gif, Grab, Graphics, Image, Jpeg, Png, Printscreen, Screencapture, Shots, Software, Technicalwriting, Tga, Tif


Not Rated Yet Clipboard Clear 1.0 by Posum LLC Clipboard Clear View

Clipboard Clear allows you to secure your system by prohibiting the use of the PrintScreen key. It can also prohibit other general uses of the clipboard for greater security, if desired, so that no unauthorized user uses it.

Access, Clipboard, Key, Lock, Posum, Printscreen, Prohibit, Security

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Not Rated Yet Copysafe Pro 3.0 by ArtistScope Copysafe Pro View

Copysafe Pro is the most secure solution available for copy protection of web pages and images from all methods of copying (including Printscreen and screen capture). Copysafe includes all of the features found in Secure Image plus the Copysafe...

Capture, Copy, Encrypt, Image, Photo, Pics, Print, Protect, Safe, Screen, Secure


Not Rated Yet Web Protector 2.1 by Corsac Software, Inc. Web Protector View

Web Protector protects your Web pages from unauthorized cloning or Internet theft. Protection includes HTML code, JavaScript, VBscript, text, links, and graphics. It encrypts your Web pages and renders the source code unreadable, making it...

Code, Disable, Encrypt, Encryption, Hide, Html, Javascript, Page, Protect, Protection, Right Mouse Click, Site, Source, Vbscript, Web

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Not Rated Yet PrintDeskTop 1.05 by PrintDeskTop PrintDeskTop View

PrintDeskTop lets you print your screen with the click of a mouse or the shortcut key of your choice. Best of all, PrintDeskTop is free! New in version 1.05: 1) Default printer detection; the user is prompted for target printer if default not found.

Print Desktop, Print Screen, Print Scrn, Printdesktop, Printscreen, Printscrn, Screen Print, Screen Print Utility


Not Rated Yet ArtistScope CD 2.0 by ArtistScope No view

Deliver your catalogue web style for distribution by email, download or on CD. ArtistScope CD produces an encrypted archive to prevent easy extraction of your images and pages. Recommended packager when using CopySafe on CD.

Cd, Encryption, Image, Internet, Lock, Page, Protect, Safe, Secure, Security, Web

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Not Rated Yet King Kong Capture 1.2 by KingKongCapture King Kong Capture View

King Kong Screen Capture is a free program that everybody can download on their computer and use along with other applications. For your image capturing needs, King Kong delivers powerful features for your satisfaction and still remain easy to use.

Capture, Fast And Easy Capture On Screen, Free, Free Downloads, Freeware, King Kong Capture, King Kong Software, Kingkong, Print Screen Sofware, Printscreen, Screen, Screen Capture


Not Rated Yet Easyscreen Screen Capture 3.69c by SoftDD Software Easyscreen Screen Capture View

Capture and save any screen or text on your computer, capture parts of screens, convert images to JPEG images, download all images from any website, embed text messages directly into images, add date/time to your capture, and print any screen. You...

Bitmap, Capture, Capturing, Convert, Copy, Crop, Easyscreen, Graphics, Jpeg, Jpg, Photo, Photos, Pictures, Print, Printer, Printscreen, Save, Screen, Screen Capture, Screenprint

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Editor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 StarsEditor Award 4 Stars Screen Capture Master by Screen Capture Master No view

Screen Capture Master 2.9 - is a powerful screen capture application that prints screen and grabs screen shot from Windows desktop. If you want to capture desired desktop screen pictures at will and select capture area in rectangle, control,...

Capture Screen, Download, Grab, Graphic, Image, Picture, Print Screen, Printscreen, Save, Screen Capture, Screen Shot, Screenshot, Soft, Software, Utilities, Ware

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Not Rated Yet CaptureEze Pro Screen Capture 8.08 by Application Techniques, Inc. CaptureEze Pro Screen Capture View

CaptureEze Pro is the Professional Windows screen capture and printing utility. Automatic start options allow predefined settings, printing of up to 6 images per page, screen to printer color reassignment, and programmable 1 key operation.

2000, 98, Application, Capture, Captureeze, Documentation, Dos, Downloads, Free, Grab, Graphics, Image, Multimedia, Nt, Print, Printscreen, Pro, Screen, Screencapture, Shareware

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