Process Related Software Releases

Not Rated Yet FreeFile 1.2 by GrubleTrang Corporation FreeFile View

Cannot delete file: Access is denied - "Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use." "There has been a sharing violation." "The source or destination file may be in use." "The file is in use by...

Access, Cannot, Currently, Delete, Denied, File, Free, Freefile, Grubletrang, In, Locked, Process, Rename, Sharing, Skrubbeltrang, Use, Violation


Not Rated Yet RSP MP3 OGG Vorbis Encode OCX 1.4.0 by RSP Software RSP MP3 OGG Vorbis Encode OCX View

RSP MP3 OGG Vorbis Encode OCX 1.4.0 is an ActiveX OCX to convert wav to MP3 and OGG Vorbis format, The encode process occurs in an out-of-process environment , so , the control can have all the control over the process running

Activex, Compression, Development, Encoder, Encoding, Mp3, Ocx, Ogg, Ogg Vorbis, Vb, Vb6, Visual Basic, Vorbis

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Not Rated Yet Graham Process Mapping 7.01.0226 by The Ben Graham Corporation No view

Detail process maps for documenting, developing, improving and managing business processes. Graham process maps clearly show the interrelated flows and relationships of multiple forms, emails, reports, databases, systems and other items in a process.

Analysis, Business Process Mapping Software, Flowchart, Improvement, Map, Process Chart


Not Rated Yet iKnow Process Scanner 1.0.1 by Wealthtech Limited No view

iKNOW PROCESS SCANNER is a free effective tool for getting information on running processes that you can encounter in Windows. With it's intuitive interface, user can get the information about almost any process with just a couple mouse clicks.

Process Scanner, Task Manager, Windows Processes


Not Rated Yet Process Master 1.1 by Backfaces Team Process Master View

Process Master is an advanced utility for hidden processes detection and killing. These processes usually are the results of the virus, spyware and rootkits activity. And you will not be able to see them using Windows Task Manager.

Hidden Processes, Process Master, Procmast, Program, Rootkit Detector, Software

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Not Rated Yet Business Process Visual ARCHITECT (ME) 2.0 by Visual Paradigm International Ltd. Business Process Visual ARCHITECT (ME) View

Business Process Visual ARCHITECT Analyst Edition, a full-featured business process modeler seriously supporting latest OMG's Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). BP-VA provides the most easy-to-use environment to model your business process.

Bpel, Bpmn, Bpva, Business Process, Gateway, Group, Java, Linux, Mac, Process, Sequence Message, Sub-process, Task, Workflow


Not Rated Yet Process Developer Enterprise Edition 2.1 by Process-Worx Ltd Process Developer Enterprise Edition View

Activity Mapping, flowchart mapping & document control can all be achieved via this simple tool.It helps the organization to meet the ISO 9000:2000 process mapping requirements, requires no training & can be used by anyone with Excel '97 or Later.

Activity Mapping, Business Mapping, Flowchart Software, Information Mapping, Iso 9000:2000, Procedural Development, Process Development, Process Mapping, Value-stream Mapping


Not Rated Yet Usingit Image Resizer 1.0 by Usingit Image Resizer View

Usingit Image Resizer will help you to process a lot of images with several clicks. It can convert, resize, rotate and stamp text to batch images automatically. With this easy-to-use tool, you can process batch images quickly and easily.

Batch, Image, Resize

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Not Rated Yet DXF Works 1.0 by DeliCAD DXF Works View

DXF Works is an application that allows to extract coordinates and other various data from DXF files. You can choose which entities to process and which data to extract, creating your own file format. DXF Works can process several files at one time a

Autocad, Cad, Cogo, Coordinates, Data, Dxf, Export, Gis, Gps, Nxyz, Points, Survey, Xyz


Not Rated Yet Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak 2.3 by Abexo Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak View

Abexo Memory Defragmenter and Process Tweak has the following features: - A simple executable file that does not require any complicated installation procedures to be followed. - Runs on the system tray and shows the amount of free memory...

Boost, Booster, Defrag, Defragger, Defragment, Defragmenter, Memory, Optimize, Optimizer, Process, Ram, Tamer, Tweak

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Not Rated Yet Notification Mail 1.0 by KVT Software Notification Mail View

This program can send E-mail notification message from a file. It's a simple way to control remote processes posting a messages to specified recipient. If you run a long process and want to know result of the process then use this software.

Mail Message, Notification Message, Send Mail, Sendmail, Simple Mail, Various Messages, Without Mail Client

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Not Rated Yet IOSManager Business Management 07.05.01 by Virtualmodule.Net B2B Solution Provider IOSManager Business Management View

Purchase,Sales,Inventory,Account Receivable/Payment,POS Retail Sale,VIP(Discount/Pre-paid),B2B, Invoice,Accounting,Chek Commerce Bill,RMA Management System. Tradchin, Simplified, English Multi-language support View/Report,Automatically detects WinOS

Accounting, B2b, Check, Inventory, Invoice, Iosmanager, Pos, Purchase, Rma, Sales, Vip

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Not Rated Yet Image Operation 1.1 by Dardog Image Operation View

Batch image processing and conversion. The software is embedded in Windows Explorer, is very easy to use. Current version includes 23 image type reading, 10 types writing, 31 process and you can extend with your process to it.

Batch, Conversion, Convert, Explorer, Format, Graphics, Image, Library, Operation, Process

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Not Rated Yet Star Quotes 1.60 by Starre Enterprises, Inc. Star Quotes View

Star Quotes is a simple yet powerful program used to make the process of typing up and printing Quotes/Estimates easy. There are many features that simplify the whole process. Free for 30 Days !!! Discover more info at

Estimate, Estimates, Proposal, Proposals, Quote, Quotes, Star, Starre

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Not Rated Yet HumanEdj 2.1.0 by Role Modellers Limited HumanEdj View

HumanEdj is a new kind of process support system: a "personal process assistant". Free desktop software that helps the user carry out any and all work activities in which they are engaged, facilitating tasks and interactions as necessary.

Activity, Balanced, Business, Collaboration, Compliance, Desktop, Diagram, Groupware, Human, Implementation, Interaction, Kpi, Management, Policy, Process, Productivity, Project, Regulatory, Reporting, Role


Not Rated Yet A Promo Convert DVD 2 MP4 8.7.76305 by A PROMO A Promo Convert DVD 2 MP4 View

Ace/WinXMedia DVD MP4 Video Converter is a powerful and easy to use DVD to MP4 video AAC audio converter. It can produce high quality MP4 video (with AAC audio) and AAC audio files,Split large files to multi-volumes according to the mode and size...

Aac, Asf, Avi To Mpeg2, Convert, Convert Avi Mpeg, Convert Avi Mpeg2, Convert Avi To Mpeg, Convert Avi To Mpeg4, Dvd, Ipod, Mp4, Mpeg-4, Mpeg4, Multimedia, Teenyweeny, Video, Videompeg1, Winxmedia, Wmv

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Not Rated Yet WM DVD iPod Video Converter 3.0 1d by Tom Pack WM DVD iPod Video Converter View

WinXMedia DVD iPod Video Converter is a powerful and easy to use DVD to iPod video/audio converter. It can produce high quality iPod video (MP4 with AAC) and audio(AAC) files,Split large files to multi-volumes according to the mode and size you...

Aac, Dvd, Ipod, Mp4, Mpeg-4, Multimedia, Video, Winxmedia

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Not Rated Yet Age Reversal 1.0 by Flawless Complexion Age Reversal View

All the knowledge we have accumulated about aging cannot stop the process, but we can avoid accelerating it, and even slow it down. We can even control the signs and symptoms of aging before they start.That is the goal of the Age Reversal ebook.

Age Reversal, Aging Process, Anti-aging, Collagen Treatments, Good Complexion, Skin's Natural Rejuvenating Processes, Wrinkles

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Not Rated Yet UltraConverter by UltraConverter View

UltraConverter is an easy-to-use batch image converter, which supports conversion over 100 image formats and also offers 11 different editing effects. Multilanguage support makes UltraConverter even more attractive.

Batch, Conversion, Converter, Crop, Editing, Editor, Image, Image Editor, Pdf, Picture, Process, Processing, Psd, Resize, Watermark, Watermarking

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Not Rated Yet Visual Build Professional 6.3 by Kinook Software, Inc. Visual Build Professional View

Visual Build Professional enables software developers to create an automated, repeatable process for building and deploying quality software. It provides built-in support for Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland Developer Studio, Delphi, and more.

Automate, Automation, Build Management Software, Build Master, Build Process, Continuous, Control, Deploy, Development, Integration, Process, Project, Software, Software Build Automation, Visual Build, Visual Build Pro, Vsmake

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