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Not Rated Yet Coco Sudoku 2007-1.2 by Coco Sudoku View

Coco Sudoku: incredible puzzle entertainment with simple rules. This engrossing Japanese puzzle develops attention, reasoning and logical deduction. Due to endless variations, it offers an unlimited source of fun for the entire family or office.

Japaneze, Logic, Puzzle, Sudoku

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Not Rated Yet Cubology 1.12 by PiEyeGames Cubology View

The exciting arcade/puzzle game featuring true 3D gameplay. Clear incoming mineral cubes in the hectic arcade mode. Solve problem levels in the challenging puzzle mode. Featuring 100 unique 3D levels and atmospheric DirectX visuals.

Addictive, Arcade, Arcade Game, Cubology, Directx, Fun, Game, Pc, Puzzle, Puzzle Game, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Animated Words 1.0 by Flix Productions Animated Words View

A spelling program for children from pre-school through first grade. The child is helped to match the word with it's picture. When the word is correctly matched, pieces are added to a puzzle; after five correct words the puzzle becomes animated.

Letters, Phonics, Spelling, Words

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Not Rated Yet DKM Sudoku Desktop 2.0 by DKM Software DKM Sudoku Desktop View

Generate and solve unlimited, well crafted Sudoku puzzles. DKM Sudoku Desktop builds on the popular DKM Sudoku Online puzzle generator and adds great new features and a whole new look. Choose from four difficulty levels, different modes of input...

Number Puzzle, Puzzle, Su Doku, Sudoku

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Not Rated Yet Circuit Weaver 3D 1.0 by Thomas Plesko Circuit Weaver 3D View

Circuit Weaver 3D is an original puzzle game, taking place in awesome 3D environments, with arcade quality special effects. Help Robi the Robot save his home world in this 3D puzzle game by guiding him to the shield generators.

3d Puzzle Game, Circuit Weaver, Puzzle Game, Robot Game

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Not Rated Yet The Day Dream Puzzle game 1.5 by Spidla Data Processing Inc. The Day Dream Puzzle game View

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Day Dream. Nice jigsaw puzzle made from the painting of a well known artist. Easy to play, you can control everything using only a mouse. The game runs well on every PC with Windows and contains no viruses or adware....

Download, Free, Freeware, Kid, Kids, Nice, Puzzle, Puzzles


Not Rated Yet CrossWorld 1.0 by CrossWorld View

CrossWorld - amazing collection of crossword and puzzle games. Get classic crosswords, Japanese puzzles and other crossword-like games at once. Train your brain with word and number puzzles. Check you erudition and skills. Dive into the CrossWorld!

Classic, Crossword, Download, Game, Griddlers, Internet, Japanese Puzzle, Logic, Nonogram, Numbers, Paint-by-numbers, Puzzle, Shareware, Word

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Not Rated Yet BigJig 8.07 by Lena Games BigJig View

Enjoy a multi-featured jigsaw puzzle game. Choose out of eight shape styles, add a plain or shaped frame around picture or select the edgeless pieces mode. The registered game includes more than 300 extra jigsaws and a jigsaw-making utility.

Big, Free, Game, Games, Jig, Jigsaw, Puzzle, Saw

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Not Rated Yet Good Old Sudoku 1.0 by FreeGames4Rest Good Old Sudoku View

The most popular logic puzzle in Japan. The rules are simple. Each row, column and minibox comprises the numbers 1 through 9. The solver must complete the missing numbers. Sudoku is recommended by some teachers as an exercise in logical reasoning.

Game, Kids, Logic, Nine Grid, Numeral, Play, Puzlle, Region, Sodoku, Solver, Su Do Ku, Subgrid, Sudoko, Sudoku, Suduko, Suduku, Suuji Wa Dokushin Ni Kagiru


Not Rated Yet ChromaticPuzzle 1.0 by Tepui Products ChromaticPuzzle View

ChromaticPuzzle is a very unique puzzle game, totally different from any other game of the kind. The purpose is reassembling plates of different color into tiles and rearranging the resulting tiles into the original image.

Chromatic, Chromaticpuzzle, Download, Game, Games, Puzzle, Puzzles, Shareware

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Not Rated Yet AV Bros. Puzzle Pro for Mac OS X 2.0 by AV Bros. AV Bros. Puzzle Pro for Mac OS X View

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0 is an extremely powerful and flexible Photoshop plugin (Photoshop plugin means the filter plugin (8bf) for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts.) for creating jigsaw puzzle effects of various types.

8bf, Effect, Filter, Jig-saw, Jigsaw, Photoimpact, Photopaint, Photoshop, Photoshop Effect, Photoshop Filter, Photoshop Plug-in, Photoshop Plugin, Plug-in, Plugin, Psp, Puzzle


Not Rated Yet Bloxter (for Mac OS X) 1.3.9 by Norbyte Bloxter (for Mac OS X) View

Bloxter is a fun arcade/puzzle game with 3D graphics, falling blocks and over 30 unique boards. Play in 'Puzzle Mode' with classic gameplay and no distractions, or choose the challenging 'Arcade Mode' featuring bonus lamps and alien monsters.

3d, Arcade, Bloxter, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet BrainBurst! 1.3 by XDgames BrainBurst! View

BrainBurst! is the ultimate puzzle game. The goal of the game is to get rid of all the squares. BrainBurst! will challenge and improve your abstract thinking and logic. Different interface skins and a lot of levels are available to change the look...

Abstract, Challenge, Fun, Game, Logic, Puzzle, Thinking

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Not Rated Yet Crickler 1.10 by MICA Crickler View

Cricklers are a new type of word puzzle. Cricklers become easier or harder depending on the skill of the solver. Words are chosen by the designer -- the computer takes care of fitting them together. Clues and answers conveniently sit side by side.

Crickler, Cricklers, Crosswords, Daily, News, Newspuzzles, Progressive, States


Not Rated Yet Crossing 3D 1.1 by RealApex Crossing 3D View

Crossing 3D is a funny, interesting and enjoyable puzzle game. The game is done fully in 3D and looks very attractive at modern standards. The rules of this logical puzzle game are very simple: find the block which will be a cross of columns...

3d, Click, Game, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet DripDrop 1.3 by Phelios Game downloads DripDrop View

Call the plumber! Theres a leak somewhere, hear it? DRIP DROP! Oh, its DRIP DROP, a set of 3 puzzle games: Wipe out your foe with FLOOD; the animals are hungry and youll have a need to FEED! The third is CLASSIC, a tricky falling object puzzle.

Call, Drip, Drop, Hear, Plumbe, Puyo, Puzzle, Water

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Not Rated Yet Crossword Construction Kit 4.0b by Insight Software Solutions Crossword Construction Kit View

Create professional puzzles with Crossword Construction Kit. Enter words and clues, select a puzzle shape and page layout, and generate the puzzle. Print, save as an image, solve on your computer, or upload to web pages and solve the puzzles online.

Assembler, Builder, Construction, Creator, Crossword, Crosswords, Education, Express, Generator, Maker, Manufacturer, Puzzle, Puzzles, Schools, Shapes, Spell, Spelling, Teachers, Theme, Vocabulary

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Not Rated Yet Frozzics Revenge 1.0 by Twilight Games Frozzics Revenge View

The evil wizard Frozzic has trapped all of the Sky Kingdom's magic birds. The Sky Kingdom is falling and it's up to you to free the birds and save the day. In this logical puzzle game you must undo Frozzic's nasty spells using mind over magic.

Logic, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Goof Ball 1.0 by Goof Ball View

This colorful game combines puzzle elements with fast paced action. From labyrinth style puzzles to last man standing firefights; this game comes with over fifty levels built around seven different game types. Goof Ball features innovative...

Ball, Evertt, Goof, Goofball, Labyrinth, Marble, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet Buboids: The 3D Action Puzzle Game 1.2 by Blue Dojo Studios Buboids: The 3D Action Puzzle Game View

What's Buboids? It's not a clone of Tetris, Bust-A-Move, Arkanoid, or Minesweeper. Buboids is a cross between an Action game and Puzzle game. You have to play Buboids in order to understand it. There is no other game out there like Buboids and it...

Action Games, Buboids, Computer Games, Freeware Games, Game Demos, Logic Games, Pc Games, Puzzle Games, Shareware Games, Strategy Games, Windows Games

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