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Not Rated Yet AY Spy 1.4 by AY Software Corporation AY Spy View

AY Spy allows you to look up information in the Internet Registration databases all over the world. With AY Spy you can: Seemlessly use DNS, Whois, RWhois, SMTP, Finger, ICMP queries without knowing anything about these protocols. However, if you...

Domain, Internet Registry, Ip Address, Query, Search, Whois

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Not Rated Yet Quick Query 1.1.2 by Quick Query Quick Query View

Quick Query is a Plug-In for Microsoft Access. It provides a context sensitive, simple way to perform SQL queries, without creating or saving a query using the standard Query Designer. You can also create queries too complex for the Query Designer.

Access, Add In, Add-in, Addin, Context, Database, Db, Expansion, Extension, Highlighting, Jet, Lookup, Microsoft, Msaccess, Plug In, Plug-in, Plugin, Query, Quick, Quick Query

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Not Rated Yet 4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access 3.0 by 4TOPS 4TOPS Query Tree Editor for MS Access View

4TOPS Query Tree EditorĀ is an add-in for MS Access for query development. Create queries using templates. Edit and run queries from a tree dialog. The Query Tree dialog displays the dependency tree of the selected query (Uses / Used By). The...

Dependencies, Depends On, Microsoft Access, Ms Access, Msaccess, Program Documentation, Query, Sql, Tree, Used By, Uses

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Not Rated Yet Erp Objects 1.0.2408.7111 by NeuroSpeech Technologies Erp Objects View

Erp Objects is a set of tools and controls which allows you to write erp applications very quickly by making Erp Object Sets, which are replacement to conventional datasets of ASP.NET. Intellisense, Typed Queries (Yes Typed Queries e.g....

Asp,, Business, Erp, Net, Object, Objectdatasource, Objects, Source


Not Rated Yet Aspose.AdHoc for .NET by Aspose Pty Ltd Aspose.AdHoc for .NET View

Aspose.AdHoc is an ASP.NET component to add ad hoc capabilities. It also supports; Building Queries, Words auto complete function, Parsing SQL statements, Queries output to web page, Word, Excel & PDF, UI Control for Customer CSS Style.

.net, .net Component, Adhoc, Query Builder, Sql Statements

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Not Rated Yet pgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL) 2.2.0 by MicroOLAP Technologies LTD pgISQL (Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL) View

Interactive SQL for PostgreSQL is a powerfull database utility for building, executing and processing queries upon PostgreSQL databases. ISQL for PostgreSQL rich feature set and common user interface let you: Build SQL queries using SQL Editor...

Admin, Adminisrator, Administering, Convert, Delete, Execute, Export, Gui, Import, Insert, Interactive, Isql, Pgisql, Postgres, Postgresql, Query, Resultset, Select, Sql, Tool

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Not Rated Yet MSISQL (ISQL for Microsoft SQL) 1.0 by MicroOLAP Technologies LTD MSISQL (ISQL for Microsoft SQL) View

Interactive SQL for MSSQL is a handy tool for working with Microsoft SQL tables, views and queries. Rich feature set allows you to browse and modify MSSQL table data, create SQL queries within a useful editor (with syntax highlight and code...

Admin, Adminisrator, Administrative, Convert, Delete, Execute, Export, Gui, Import, Insert, Interactive, Isql, Microsoft, Mssql, Query, Resultset, Select, Sql, Tool

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Not Rated Yet Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition 1.7.9 by Active Database Software Active Query Builder ActiveX Edition View

Active Query builder is a .Net-ready ActiveX control to create SQL queries easily. True two-way query builder with user-friendly interface and unique query research capabilities; a perfect choice for both SQL beginners and experienced query writers.

.net, Activex, Builder, Component, Control, Query, Sql, Visual


Not Rated Yet FineRip 1.3.1 by FineRip Team No view

Organizer for huge MP3 collections. Play your favourite music without any effort! FAST queries, dynamic playlists, individual grading, 'Party'-mode, powerful search function. Add-on for your Winamp 2.x / 5.x player.

Database, Dynamic, Fast, Id3, Mp3, Organizer, Playlist, Query, Winamp

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Not Rated Yet Email Pump 1.50 by Off-Site Labs, Inc. No view

Send mass email using text files, databases using tables, queries. With Access, the database option is very powerful, allowing you to use tables or queries with mail-merge, and mix database fields and text input in your messages.

Bulk, Email, Mail, Mass

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Not Rated Yet dbQwikEdit PRO 3.0 by TheDevShop Ltd. dbQwikEdit PRO View

Easy to use advanced SQL tool. Lets you open any database, edit data, design tables, create queries, import and export data and generate complex SQL statements with ease. Suitable for both novice users and power users. Works with all data bases.

Access, Database, Ems Alternative, Gui Sql, Mysql, Oracle, Query, Query Builder, Query Tool, Sql, Sql Server, Sql Tool, Toad Alternative

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Not Rated Yet Multi-DB Querier 1.4 by Vitaliy Levchenko Multi-DB Querier View

Database SQL tool, which allows running the same SQL queries on multiple databases with similar structure at once. Can be used also for a single database as query and export tool. If running query returns resulting table, it can be exported to...

Database, Database Tool, Database Tools, Database Utility, Db, Db Export, Db Tool, Db Tools, Dbf, Download, Export, Export Tool, Html, Odbc, Program, Programs, Querier, Software, Sql, Sql Tool

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Not Rated Yet AccDbMan Lite 2.12 by Martin Novotny AccDbMan Lite View

Access Database Manager (AccDBMan) is an application designed to help you with Manage Microsoft Access Database files (like MDB or MDE) without having the full version of Microsoft Access installed. This tool is useful if you want to manage a...

Accdbman, Access, Database, Design, Edit, Field, Fields, Index, Indexes, Manager, Open, Properties, Property, Queries, Query, Relation, Relations, Run-time, Table, Tables


Not Rated Yet 1st Songoog 2.33 by Bin Artisan LLC No view

Songoog is a MP3 search and download tool. It queries popular Internet search engines for application to enjoy the songs. It also can play Mp3 songs.

Mp3 Player


Not Rated Yet TOAD for DB2 2.5 by Quest Software TOAD for DB2 View

ToadĀ® for DB2 is a database development solution that provides productivity features for rapidly creating and executing queries, automating database object management, developing SQL code, and instant access to DB2 expertise.

Database, Db2, Db2 Luw, Db2 Udb, Dba, Ibm


Not Rated Yet HostName Commander 1.0 by WinAbility Software Corporation HostName Commander View

A powerful tool for web developers to control the mapping between the host names and IP addresses. Can be used to block access to unwanted web sites, suppress third-party web ads while web surfing, speed up DNS queries, and more.

Host Name, Host Name Commander, Hostname, Hostname Commander

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Not Rated Yet XML-based document import for Hummingbird DM 1.1 by HummingbirdTools XML-based document import for Hummingbird DM View

Flexible and powerful XML-based import for Hummingbird DM with SQL queries, variables, conditions and more. Use this program to import large numbers of documents into Hummingbird DM libraries in a fast and convenient way.

Dm, Document, Enterprise, Hummingbird, Import, Xml


Not Rated Yet MyISQL (ISQL for MySQL) 2.2.0 by MicroOLAP Technologies LTD MyISQL (ISQL for MySQL) View

MyISQL (Interactive SQL for MySQL) is a database administration solution for managing MySQL(tm) databases. ISQL for MySQL(tm) rich feature set and common user interface let you: - Build SQL queries using SQL Editor with SQL syntax...

Admin, Adminisrator, Administrative, Convert, Delete, Execute, Export, Gui, Import, Insert, Interactive, Isql, Myisql, Mysql, Query, Resultset, Select, Sql, Tool

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Not Rated Yet SQL VB ASP Code Generator 4.0.000 by NewRAD SQL VB ASP Code Generator View

SQL VB ASP Code Generator is a powerful multi-purpose tool that lets you effortlessly generate SQL, VB and ASP Code. You can even generate an entire VB application or ASP web application, all derived from the tables in your database with one click.

Access, Asp,, Code, Coding, Copy, Creator, Database, Delete, Export, File, Free, Generate, Generator, Html, Import, Insert, Maker, Odbc, Program


Not Rated Yet Log2SQL 1.1 by JitBit Software Log2SQL View

Imports (converts) webserver logs into an SQL-database. Both W3C and NCSA web log formats are supported. Makes it extremely easy to perform complex queries and searches with your logs. Imports data into MS SQL Server or creates SQL-insert scripts.

Convert, Database, Import, Log, Logs, Sql, To, Web


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