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Not Rated Yet D3DGear 1.95 by D3DGear Technologies D3DGear View

D3DGear is an advanced Windows utility for DirectX and OpenGL technology. D3DGear provides following features: measure 3D rendering framerate, capture 3D rendering screenshot, record 3D rendering to movie, analyze 3D rendering performance.

3d, Analyze Game Performance, Directx, Fps, Frame Rate, Gamer, Integrate Systray To Game, Measure Game Framerate, Opengl, Record Game To Movie, Screen Shot, Take Game Screenshot

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Not Rated Yet 3d rendering screensaver 1.0 by 3d rendering screensaver View

A free 3d rendering screensaver with no spyware or adware! From, no bundled software, or other nonsense. Just visit our site and look around and see.

3d, Free, Infinity, No Spyware, Or Adware, Relaxing, Rendering, Screensaver, Space, Time


Not Rated Yet Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin 3.0 by Graphics&Media Lab Video Group Video MSU Cartoonizer VirtualDub plugin View

The filter is designed for artistic painting and animated cartoon rendering. MSU Cartoonizer filter has many parameters, which allow to obtain very interesting results. MSU Cartoonizer includes a variety of styles such as colored and non-colored...

Animated, Artistic Painting, Avisynth, Cartoon, Cartoonizer, Colored, Converts, Crayon, Drawing, Movies, Non-photorealistic, Oil Painting, Painting, Pencil, Plugin, Rendering, Video, Virtualdub, Watercolor


Not Rated Yet Genetica Viewer 2.5 by Spiral Graphics Inc. Genetica Viewer View

Genetica Viewer is a free seamless texture rendering application that allows artists to make use of textures that are saved in Genetica's powerful texture format. Genetica Viewer is capable of rendering textures at any resolution up to 3,000 x...

3d, Graphics, Material, Metal, Seamless, Seamless Texture, Seamless Textures, Shader, Shaders, Stone, Texture, Textures, Tiling, Wood


Not Rated Yet ThreeDimSim:3D Mechanics simulator by Havinga Software ThreeDimSim:3D Mechanics simulator View

ThreeDimSim is a powerful 3D mechanics simulation and rendering application. A 3D scene is defined by script using simple shapes and imported meshes from CAD files. Mechanics are simulated and rendered and can be analysed and exported.

3d, Graphics, Mechanics, Render, Script, Simulation

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Not Rated Yet Luminous Cross 1.03 by e-realms Luminous Cross View

Great Luminous Cross is rotating and giving away its incredible light. Featuring pure 3D OpenGL graphics, optional FPS and time rendering.

3d, Animated, Colorful, Cool, E-realms, Free, Luminous Cross, Screen Saver, Screensaver


Not Rated Yet 3D MiniGolf Unlimited 1.1 by TLK Games 3D MiniGolf Unlimited View

A combination of luck and fun game, 3D Minigolf Unlimited brings you hours of game on many predefined courses or your own created courses through the embedded 3D editor. Worked design and fast rendering for your eyes.

3d, Download, Fun, Games, Golf, Internet, Lan, Minigolf, Network, Rating, Strategy, Tactics, Tlk

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Not Rated Yet 7art Shishkins Painting ScreenSaver 1.0 by 7art-screensavers 7art Shishkins Painting ScreenSaver View

Enjoy Shishkin's rendering of the Russian Woodland slideshow. Ivan Shishkin is considered to be one of Russia's most powerful and original landscape painters. Shishkin's Painting ScreenSaver will carry you to the the depths of the Russian Forest.

Amazing, Art, Color, Desktop, Forest, Image, Ivan, Ivanovich, Landscape, Oak, Painter, Painting, Picture, Pine, Rendering, Russian, Saver, Screen, Shishkin, Shot

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Not Rated Yet ProgeCAD Viewer DWG 7.0.18 by ProgeCAD Viewer DWG View

AutoCAD DWG drawing viewer with markup, plotting, rendering, PDF output! High precision measuring, zoom. pan, all the features you need to review your AutoCAD drawings and output them to paper. Easy to use, Helps you reduce cycle time and costly...

Architectural, Archt, Autocad, Cad, Civil, Intellicad, Mechanical, Progecad, Progesoft, Ptc, Solidworks, Survey, Turbocad

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Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars HTMLLabel for Windows Forms 1.03 by Gobicode Limited HTMLLabel for Windows Forms View

Designed to replace the standard Windows Forms Label, the HTMLLabel from Gobicode offers far greater flexibility when rendering rich text by supporting standard HTML tags. Easily achieve super/subscript, full text justification and in-line images.

.net, Blur, C#, Glow, Gradient, Html, Htmllabel, Justification, Label, Rendering, Rich Text, Shadow, Subscript, Superscript, Text,, Windows Forms, Winforms

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Not Rated Yet Umatrix plug-in 1.25 by Redfield Plugins Umatrix plug-in View

A multifunctional tool for creation of composite images by layering a myriad various 3d objects. Fast high-quality rendering and realtime preview. The smart random settings generator helps you to create a complete artwork with just a few mouse clicks

3d Abstraction, 3d Background, Adobe Photoshop Filter, Adobe Photoshop Plugin, Paint Shop Pro Plug-in, Texture


Not Rated Yet 3D Word Slider 1.0 by TLK Games 3D Word Slider View

A full 3D attractive and colorful word puzzle game in three languages: French, English and Spanish with 180 levels of game with element of strategy and optional sound effects, music and an excellent graphic finesse with realistic rendering engine.

3d, Construct, Create, English, French, Game, Languages, Play, Puzzle, Reading, Slider, Spanish, Spelling, Strategy, Vocabulary, Word

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Not Rated Yet Texture Maker 3.0 by Reichert Software Engineering Texture Maker View

Texture Maker is a seamless texture generator and designer. The application contains everything needed to create seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics, image and video editing.

3d Rendering, Animated, Backgrounds, Development, Dtp, Environment, Games, Generator, Image Processing, Levels, Maps, Raytracing, Seamless, Textures, Tiles, Wallpaper

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Not Rated Yet Realsoft 3D V5.1 by Realsoft Graphics Oy No view

Feature wise, Realsoft 3D introduces features like SDS modelling, ray tracing, advanced physics simulation, open design. The program is used for example by artists working in the advertising industry, architects, product designers, game industry.

3d, Animation, B-spline, Behavioral, Booleans, Collision, Kinematics, Modelling, Morphing, Nurbs, Opengl, Particle, Photo Realistic, Radiosity, Ray Tracing, Realsoft 3d, Rendering, Skeleton, Subdivision, Texture Mapping


Not Rated Yet PixelProstate 2.01 by Patologian Laboratorio Nickels Ltd PixelProstate View

The cancer area of the prostate is outlined on the histological slide. Using pathologist's visual memory an identical tumour area is painted with the mouse on the virtual slide. Total prostate volume is calculated using the ellipsoidal method: 4/3...

3d Rendering, Calculation, Cancer, Health, Medical, Prostate, Shareware, T-classification, Volume

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Not Rated Yet Aspose.BarCode for Java by Aspose Pty Ltd Aspose.BarCode for Java View

Aspose.BarCode is a Java component for 1D barcode generation with borders & margins settings, barcode rendering, rotation angle & captions. It supports 12 barcode symbologies and also save Images in GIF, PNG, BMP & JPG formats.

1d Barcode, Barcode, Barcode Rendering, Barcode Symbologies, Bmp, Codabar, Code11, Code128, Code39, Code93, Gif, Http Servlet Response, Interleaved 2of5, Java, Jpeg, Jpg, Msi, Png, Upca, Upce

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Not Rated Yet MSU Color Enhancement VirtualDub plugin 1.0.1b by Graphics&Media Lab Video Group MSU Color Enhancement VirtualDub plugin View

Filter is used for saturation enhancing, rendering HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, shadowed details restoring, light-struck colors and details restoring, faded colors restoring, color images visual quality improving.

Color, Faded, Film, Hdr, Improving, Plugin, Quality, Saturation, Shadow, Video, Virtualdub, Visual


Not Rated Yet NuSphere PhpDock 1.5 by NuSphere Corporation NuSphere PhpDock View

PhpDock is a Web Server and Web Browser combined in one, small executable, capable of both running PHP scripts and rendering resulting HTML in the application Window. All you need to do is place PHP scripts in the document root directory of PhpDock.

Php, Php Deployment, Php Script, Php Scripts, Phpdock, Webserver


Not Rated Yet SomeObject Desktop 0.95 by KSDev SomeObject Desktop View

SomeObject is a run-time engine that lets you run and develop little, fast performace applications - fully using hardware accelerated 3D graphics. Applications can be Desktop Widgets, Games, Business Program, Media Tools and Players and much more

Applets, Desklets, Desktop, Games, Shell, Widgets

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Not Rated Yet 3DMiracle 1.74 by Media Programming Group 3DMiracle View

Program for creating Single Image stereograms with 3d animation support. 3 rendering algorithms, including hidden surface removal and distortions compensation. Removing 3D object slices. 24 bits color images up to 10000x10000 pixels.

3d, 3dmiracle, Hollusion, Magic Eye, Sirds, Stereogram, Stereogram Software

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