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Not Rated Yet Cherokee Trails 2.0 by Pharos Game Cherokee Trails View

An imaginative journey that parallels the trek of the Cherokee tribe across 19th century America. The way ahead is difficult, but it will be an important expedition, filled with opportunities to come into contact with and learn about Cherokee...

Cherokee, Educational Game, Historical Adventure, History, Native American, Oregon Trail, Role Playing Game, Rpg, Trail Of Tears


Not Rated Yet GluedOn 1.2 by RoadSide Software, LLC GluedOn View

GluedOn keeps your computer on the Internet by simulating activity. This keeps your dial-up ISP from terminating your connection due to inactivity. GluedOn is adware supported, so it is 100% free! Get your money's worth from your ISP! FREE!

Adware, Connect, Crawl, Crawler, Disconnect, Disconnecting, Glued, Host, Isp, Llc, On, Roadside Software, Spider, Spyder, Stay On


Not Rated Yet Internet Rocket Adware 5.0 by RoadSide Software, LLC Internet Rocket Adware View

Internet Rocket is a simple tool for speeding up an Internet connection. Use the easy to follow wizard to optimize the registry for your Internet connection. DNS Rocket will cache server information on hard drive to speed the Internet even more. FREE

Connection, Dial Up Network, Dun, Fast, Internet, Internet Connection, Internet Rocket, Registry, Roadside Software, Rocket, Speed, Test, Wizard


Not Rated Yet ApexDiet recipe analyzer 1.0 by RoadSide Software, LLC ApexDiet recipe analyzer View

Create custom nutrition facts for your recipes. Simply search through the list of ingredients and food products to construct your recipe and the program will instantly calculate the nutrition facts for that recipe, including calories, fat, carbs, etc

Analyze, Calc, Calculate, Calculator, Free, Freeware, Nutrition, Nutrition Database, Nutrition Facts, Recipe, Recipe Calc, Roadside Software, Usda


Not Rated Yet Accelerweb 2.0 by RoadSide Software, LLC Accelerweb View

Welcome to Accelerweb! Accelerweb is the latest in simple Internet acceleration technology. Accelerweb caches DNS settings to the hosts file. Accelerweb will store IP address/domain information in a local cache called the "Hosts" file.

2000, Acceleration, Accelerweb, Background, Cache, Dns, Domain, Easy, Fast, Faster, Home, Host, Hosts, Internet, Internet Explorer, Ip, Local, Pro, Professional, Simple

(Free To Try)

Not Rated Yet WorkoutGenerator 3.0 by RoadSide Software, LLC No view

WorkoutGenerator is a simple tool to create a random workout based on used inputted information. It will also keep logs of your progress. Aerobic workouts included! WorkoutGenerator is 100% free to use and keep. Go to

Bde, Bench Press, Better, Big, Database, Equipment, Exercise, Exercises, Fast, Generate, Internet Rocket, Jog, Llc, Muscle, Muscles, Roadside Software, Run, Strong, Stronger, Weight Lifting


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