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Country: United States
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City: Moscow
Zip code: 101435
Address: Varvarka str.

S&G Team Software

Script Debugger IDE 1.6.8 Download Script Debugger IDE

Script Debugger IDE is full-featured client and server ActiveX Scripting debugger. It provides developers with a robust set of tools for developing scripts and Web applications.

Macros Runtime 1.8 Download Macros Runtime

Macros Runtime is a set of free components that enhance and expand your applications with scripting, user forms and custom properties. Customers can customize their software and meet specific processes, rather than build solutions from scratch.

DXF Import/Export Converter 1.6.7 Download DXF Import/Export Converter

AutoCAD DXF Import/Export plug-in for VGEdit that allows to read and manipulate data from and to CAD industry standard DXF files. Easy to use, high-quality conversion.

Vector Graphics ActiveX 1.6.7 Download Vector Graphics ActiveX

Vector Graphics ActiveX is a component oriented for creating interactive graphics systems like GIS, CAD and SCADA.

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