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 by PerfectSVG
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SVGDeveloper 1.0 is a powerful software to develop svg applications. Facilitated by the powerful designing capability of the software, users can "draw" the most of shapes, texts, images, and so on. Using the powerful source coder of the software, users can write any complex svg application with the intelligence.
The features include:
The most drawing tool
Free transform and create the animation of the transform
CSS support
Delete the elements with the namespcace or the tagname
Export image
Convert image source to native base64 code
External Symbos and Shapes support
Lineargradient, Radiagradient, Pattern support
Brush transform, can transform the gradient and the pattern, also can create the animation of the transform.
Control the animation using the key on the timeline
Full animation support, you can create animation for any attribute
Property and Event Browser
Source editor with intelligence
Color Theme Support
XAML Support(Code intelligence and Export)

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