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Not Rated Yet Single-step motivation and goal-setting 1.132 by Fitness Attitudes Single-step motivation and goal-setting View

Single-Step Motivation And Goal-Setting Software - walks you step-by-step through the goal-setting process. It also helps you to recognize what motivates YOU personally. Keep track of your goals, chart your progress, and watch yourself succeed!

And, Goal-setting, Motivation, Single-step, Software

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Not Rated Yet Picture To Go 1.5 by Screaming Bee LLC Picture To Go View

Picture To Go is a free graphics utility that will save you both time and effort. Search for pictures quickly on your computer. Find just the right shot using the high quality viewer. Resize and send your pictures by Email in a single step.

Email, Find, Free, Image, Missing, One-step, Photo, Picture, Publish, Resize, Screenshot, Search, Share


Not Rated Yet Audio Conversion Wizard 2.0 by LitexMedia, Inc. Audio Conversion Wizard View

This tool with easy step-by-step interface helps you to convert audio files of MP3, WMA 9, OGG and WAV PCM formats from one to another with ID3v2 copying and creation. Single mode for one-file conversion and Batch mode for converting several files.

Ape Decoder, Ape To Mp3, Flac Decoder, Flac To Mp3, Mp3 Converter, Mp3 Decoder, Mp3 To Ogg, Ogg Converter, Ogg Decoder, Wma Converter, Wma Decoder, Wma To Mp3, Wma To Mp3 Converter, Wma To Ogg, Wma To Wav

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Not Rated Yet Stardust Setup Packager 3.0.104 by Stardust Software Stardust Setup Packager View

Stardust Setup Packager provides developers with an easy way to package multiple setup programs into a single self-extracting EXE. Features include digital code signing, password protection, expiration date, welcome prompt, and nested packaging.

Install, Setup

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Not Rated Yet Digital Pen 2.0 by Camtech 2000 Digital Pen View

Create your own email Stationery. Easy step by step creation also has extensive Help file in a Wizard type interface that guides you through every step. So easy, anyone can make Stationery in minutes. Comes with backgrounds, animated gifs and...

Outlook, Outlook Express. Email, Stationery

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Not Rated Yet CD Extraction Wizard 1.7 by Streamware Development CD Extraction Wizard View

CD Extraction Wizard is an easy-to-use tool, that helps you create digital copies of your favorite audio CDs on your hard drive. This software has a very clear step-by-step interface, that will guide you through the extraction process. CD...

Audio, Cd, Cda, Conversion, Converter, Encode, Extract, Extraction, Grabber, Mp3, Ogg, Ripper, Vorbis, Wav, Wma

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Not Rated Yet Tao Desktop Theme 1.0 by About the Tao Tao Desktop Theme View

Inspirational theme includes a screen saver with quotes from the "Tao Te Ching" (the world's most translated book, after the Bible) & related images. The Tao is an ancient Chinese classic and the source of sayings like "The journey of 1,000...

China, Chinese, I-ching, Tao, Theme, Zen


Not Rated Yet bxAutoZip for Outlook 1.05 by BAxBEx Software bxAutoZip for Outlook View

bxAutoZip is an Add-In for Microsoft Outlook which automatically and independently compresses any files attached to an e-mail message. Thanks to the seamless integration into Outlook, not one single extra step is required to zip the attachments.

Add-in, Add-on, Addin, Attachment, Attachments, Compression, E-mail, Email, Office, Outlook, Zip


Not Rated Yet Hatha Yoga 1.0 by Fitness Attitudes Hatha Yoga View

Hatha Yoga contains 40 animated postures (asanas) and step-by-step instructions for each of them. Through the continued performance of postures(Asanas), you will gain flexibility and strength,and learn to be more relaxed under stressful situations.

Hatha Yoga, Hatha Yoga Animated Postures, Hatha Yoga Step-by-step Instructions

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Not Rated Yet Daily Tao Quote 3.0 by About the Tao Daily Tao Quote View

Next time you start your computer, instead of staring at your screen impatiently, why not contemplate the meaning of life? The program displays a quote from the Tao with a relevant photo every time you start your computer. 31 quotes and images...

Daily Tao, Start Up, Tao

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Not Rated Yet Tao Screen Saver 3.0 by Single Step Media Tao Screen Saver View

Inspirational screen saver with quotes and images of (Chinese gardens & nature) from the "Tao Te Ching". Interactive quote sharing and desktop customizing. The Tao is the source of sayings like: Journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.

China, Quote, Screen Saver, Screensaver, Spiritual, Tao, Wallpaper

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Not Rated Yet AlgebraNet 2 by T.Meulman AlgebraNet View

Having trouble doing your Math homework? This program can help you master basic skills like reducing, factorising, simplifying and solving equations. A step by step explanation of problems concerning fractions,binomials, trinomials etc.

Factorise, Homework, Learn, Math, Reduce, Simplify, Step, Teach, Test


Not Rated Yet Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ 2.0 by ICT eBooks by Yeoh HS Easy Way to Create eBooks using C++ View

This eBook "How to Create an eBook Using Visual C++" is a step-by-step illustrated guide for Visual C++ developers to learn how to compile HTML files into a Windows executable, therefore avoiding the need to use commercial HTML compilers.

Compiler, Ebook, Html, Mfc, Visual C++

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Not Rated Yet Absolute Fretboard Trainer 3.x by Absolute Fretboard Trainer View

If you want to master the fretboard of guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, or other fretboard instruments, the Absolute Fretboard Trainer will take you there. Step-by-step exercises will help you develop instant knowledge of each and every note.

Banjo, Bass, Fretboard, Guitar, Guitar Chords, Guitar Scales, Mandolin

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Not Rated Yet FlyConverter 1.2 by FlySoft FlyConverter View

FlyConverter is a powerful tool to convert and edit image files in automatic mode. For example, FlyConverter can select all uncompressed TIF files and convert them to a Group 4 compressed TIFs every hour OR process JPG images larger than 640 x...

Batch, Bmp, Convert, Edit, Gif, Image, Jpg, Png, Process, Schedule, Tif

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Not Rated Yet WeddingSpeeches4U 2.817 by Advanced Systems WeddingSpeeches4U View

Wedding Speeches 4U ! Everything You Need to Know to Create Your Own Speech ! Professionally Written, Awe-Inspiring Wedding Speeches And A Step-By-Step Guide Walking You Through All You Need To Know To Create Your Own Inspirational Speech.

Bride, Bridesmaid, Groom, Maid Of Honour, Occasions, Planner, Speech, Toasts, Wedding Speeches, Weddingspeeches4u, Witty


Not Rated Yet Internet Million Dollars 4.0 by Internet Million Dollars View

Internet Million Dollars is a money generating software. It guides you step by step and tells how to make big money using only Internet.

Auction, Auto, Book, Business, Cash, Creator, Dollars, E-book, Earn, Ebay, Ebook, Egold, Employ, Employment, Fast, Free, Freeware, Generating, Generator, Home


Not Rated Yet MySQL Export Table To XML File Software 7.0 by Sobolsoft MySQL Export Table To XML File Software View

Convert MySQL tables to XML through a step by step wizard. XML output can be fully customized to contain database fields as tags and additional tags for separating records.

Configure, Connect, Connection, Convert, Converting, Data, Database, Export, Exporting, From, Import, Importing, Into, My Sql, Myphpadmin, Php, Support, Tables, To, Transfer

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Not Rated Yet ABC Drawing School II - Birds 1.11.0424 by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware ABC Drawing School II - Birds View

Learn to draw birds step by step! ABC Drawing School II is a simple to use software providing lessons for drawing birds. Easy to follow visual instructions show how to connect simple forms like circles and rectangles with a few lines to complete...

Birds, Children, Drawing, Kids, Learning, Painting, School


Not Rated Yet ABC Drawing School III - Dinosaurs 1.11.0424 by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware ABC Drawing School III - Dinosaurs View

Learn to draw dinosaurs step by step! ABC Drawing School III is a simple to use software providing lessons for drawing dinosaurs. Easy to follow visual instructions show how to connect simple forms like circles and rectangles with a few lines to...

Children, Dinosaurs, Drawing, Kids, Learning, Painting, School


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