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Not Rated Yet Audio Sliders 4.2 by Code Sector Inc. Audio Sliders View

Audio Sliders is a versatile and complete audio control utility that includes Volume Control replacement, Remote Control for most popular CD and Mp3 players, built-in CD player, On-Screen Display, system information and clock displays.

Cd, Control, Mixer, Recording, Shortcuts, Skin, Sndvol32, Software, Sound, Tweak, Volume, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Morpheus Photo Compressor 2.00 by Morpheus Software Morpheus Photo Compressor View

Put an end to returned emails and slow-loading websites! With Morpheus Photo Compressor, optimizing your favorite images is as simple as adjusting two sliders — one for size and one for quality. You'll instantly see what the image will look like...

Animators, Artists, Banner, Birthday, Compress, Compresser, Compressor, Easy, Entertainment, Free, Fun, Graphic Design, Graphics, Humor, Images, Jpeg, Jpg, Morpheus, Photos, Picture

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Not Rated Yet Moodmixer 1.17 by PWsoft Moodmixer View

Winamp auto-playlister plugin for mp3 wma ogg. Win ME/ 2k/NT install MDAC from MS first! Imagine you had a machine that selected the music in the same way as you would have, it would play your favorite titles more often and would see to it that...

Artist, Burner Support, Controls, Extended Play Lists, Genre, Intelligent Search, Mass Id Changes, Mass Rating, Mass Tagging, Mood, Mood Controls, Non-stop Music, One Button, Personal Ratings, Playlist; Smart Lists, Search And Replace, Sliders

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Not Rated Yet Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer 1.4 by Hermann Wacker Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer View

With the Wacker Art RGB Color Mixer applet it is possible to define the RGB values of a selected color. The color can be defined with 7 sliders or with a random function. The program requires a browser with Java Plugin 1.4.2. The applet...

Applet, Art, Color, Colour, Farbmixer, Java, Mixer, Rgb, Wacker


Not Rated Yet SineGen 2.1 by eCat SineGen View

Precise software sine signal generator/source. Exhaustive parameter control: unlimited editing, accurate sliders, frequency and phase tweaking, double/half frequency. Real-time. Musical notes. Parameter presets. Timer. Well-done UI. Open source code.

Generate, Level, Open Source, Phase, Real-time, Signal, Sine, Tone, Tune


Not Rated Yet Mixere 1.0.82 by CKCI Mixere View

Mixere is a free Windows application for mixing audio files. Its simple, spreadsheet-like interface is ideal for live performance, and especially sound collage. Dynamic looping, fully automated sliders, gradual mute/solo operations, and more.

Audio, Collage, Mixer, Multitrack, Sound


Not Rated Yet Classical N-Puzzle 2.0 by NIERSOFT Classical N-Puzzle View

This game is classical n-puzzle game. You can play this game with boards ranging from 2x2 up to 6x6 sizes. Board style can either be numbers, image or both. A search engine is also available for finding different solutions to the puzzle. You have...

Classical, Game, N-puzzle, Puzzle, Slider, Sliders


Not Rated Yet Zuma Pro v4.0 by 3dMaxMedia Zuma Pro View

Real-Time 3d VJ Entertainment, Performance & Authoring Software. Immediately experience & create Audio-driven music visualizations using these features: Keyboard Controls & Magic Sliders, Playlist and Power Editor, Record and Make Movie, Dual Screen

3d Music, Animation Software, Arkaos, Dance, Dj, Free Download, Live, Media Art, Midi, Midi Support, Motion Graphics, Music Visualizer, Particle Engine, Rave, Real-time Filters & Effects, Realtime Interactive Unified 3d Audio Visual Production System, Video Jockey, Visual Authoring, Visual Synthesizer, Visualization

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Not Rated Yet Blaze Audio WebEQ 2.6 by Blaze Audio No view

WebEQ is a realtime graphic equalizer for your computer - it helps you optimize your PC sound system so that your streaming or wave audio will sound better than ever. It's inexpensive, easy to to use, and really improves the sound quality of your...

Effects, Eq, Freeware Audio Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer, Graphic Equalizer For Streaming Audio, Mp3, Realtime Equalization, Stereo Bands, Wave, Works With Realaudio

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Not Rated Yet Wood Workshop 1.0 by Spiral Graphics Inc. Wood Workshop View

The Wood Workshop is a free seamless texture editor that specializes in the creation of seamless wood textures. It comes with a collection of over 100 preset wood textures, all perfectly seamless and ready to go at resolutions up to 3000 x 3000!

3d, Free, Freeware, Graphics, Material, Seamless, Seamless Texture, Seamless Textures, Shader, Shaders, Texture, Textures, Tiling, Wood


Not Rated Yet Instrumentation Graph Extension ActiveX Components 3.000 by Dragonfly Automation Software Instrumentation Graph Extension ActiveX Components View

ActiveX Automation HMI Instrument Input Components including different kinds of 3D buttons, switches, knobs, sliders, switchsliders, switchknobs and others can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments. The...

3d, Activex, Automation, Button, Change, Component, Control, Hmi, Input, Instrument, Knob, Setpoint, Slider, Smartbutton, Switch, Switchknob, Switchslider


Not Rated Yet Zuma Personal Edition 3.33 by 3dMaxMedia Zuma Personal Edition View

Zuma is a Real-Time 3d VJ entertainment, performance and authoring software. Immediately experience and create Audio-driven music visualizations using these features: Keyboard controls and Magic Sliders, Powerful Playlist Editor, Interactive...

Animation Software, Arkaos, Dance, Live, Media Art, Motion Graphics, Rave, Realtime Interactive Unified 3d Audio Visual Production System, Video Jockey, Visual Authoring, Visualization, Zuma


Not Rated Yet DMControls.ColorMixer .NET control 1.0 by DMSoft Technologies DMControls.ColorMixer .NET control View

ColorMixer is a .NET control for color sampling and mixing with an ability to view color coordinates in RGB, HSV, SMYK, HSL formats that converges reliability, quality and reasonable price in one control. Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1.

.net, .net Control, .net Controls, .net Integration, .net Platform, .net Programming, Color Characteristics, Color Coordinates, Color Format, Color Mixer, Color Mixing, Color Sample, Color Selection, Color Spectrum, Color Swatch, Color Tint, Colormixer, Developer Tool, Development, Dmcontrols.colormixer

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Not Rated Yet PixBurner 2.0 by Prograce Systems PixBurner View

PixBurner was developed to simplify the process of archiving digital images and movies to CD or DVD and print their thumbnails on 4x6" sheet which allows you to easily find the required disk in your photo archive collection

Burning Photos, Burning Pictures, Image Backup, Photo Archive Software, Photo Archiving Software, Photo Burner, Photo Burning, Photo Cd Burner, True Image Backup

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Not Rated Yet RGBmachine 3.1 by Ace Imaging Software RGBmachine View

RGBmachine lets you rotate, crop, correct color and remove red-eye effect in the fastest way. The advanced approach to traditional tasks allows reaching unprecedented productivity and completely differing RGBmachine from other image/photo editors.

Color, Correction, Crop, Cropping, Digital, Edit, Editing, Editor, Eye, Fast, Fix, Free Download, Graphics, Image, Imaging, Jpeg, Jpg, Photo, Photo Editor, Photography

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Not Rated Yet Brand Worlds Tools 1.2 by moove Bongartz-Dr.Kozan GbR Brand Worlds Tools View

Make Web and Flash Animations, animated Avatars from 3D Models. Dress up avatars, create faces, expressions, motions, 3D environments, lights, cameras. Graphics and script output. > 1000 items, easily expandable, Add Packages, Import 3DS and X files

3d, 3ds, Actionscript, Ajax, Animation, Authoring, Avatars, Character, Code, Design, Dhtml, Flash, Graphics, Javascript, Materials, Motion, Movie, Mx, Oop, Openlaszlo

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Not Rated Yet ColorCache 3.5.3 by Technology Lighthouse ColorCache View

ColorCache is a powerful color picker, color scheme generator and palette management system. Select colors from your screen or use the built-in tools to create color schemes. Preview results in your own web pages or export in a variety of formats.

.acf, .aco, .act, .ai, .pal, Color, Color Scheme, Color Theory, Colour, Dropper, Freehand, Hue, Illustrator, Lightness, Multi Monitor, Multi-monitor, Paintshop Pro, Palette, Photoshop, Picker

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Not Rated Yet Advanced JPEG Compressor 5.0 by WinSoftMagic Inc. Advanced JPEG Compressor View

Advanced JPEG Compressor is a handy tool to compress images. Shrink the large file size of images, optimize pictures for faster loading from the Web, e-mail photos quickly and not exceeding e-mail size limitations, resize images and make thumbnails.

Batch, Bmp, Camera, Compress, Compression, Compressor, Convert, Digital, Graphic, Image, Jpeg, Jpg, Optimization, Optimize, Optimizer, Optimizing, Photo, Picture, Reduce, Reducer


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