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Not Rated Yet 3D Jewels 1.0 by Rightdown Software 3D Jewels View

In ancient Egypt the fabled temple of Anubis is a forbidding place from which most adventurers do not return alive. The rewards can be very high if you manage to survive the wrath of Anubis but his powers are great and his cruelty legendary. Only...

3d, 3d Jewels, Anubis, Arcade, Feature, Game, Jewels, Logic, Opengl, Puzzle, Snood

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Not Rated Yet Bloink 1.30 by Brain Block Interactive Game Downloads Bloink View

Carefully connect the cute little Bloinks to prevent them from going too high. Learn how to play this Windows desktop game in under 10 seconds, and enjoy highly replayable levels and gameplay modes. This is a perfect break from work or school, and...

Bloink, Bubbles, Bustamove, Game Downloads, Popanddrop, Snood, Veggies

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Not Rated Yet Aqua Bubble 2 1.02 by Realore Studios Aqua Bubble 2 View

After being saved from the flood, Aquatic was very thankful for the help. However, he wasn't the only one who needed help. Hundreds of aquatics across the world cry out for help in fighting with the floods. So, can you remain indifferent in...

Aqua, Aquatic, Arcade, Bobble, Bubble, Bust-a-move, Character, Game, Puzzle, Snood

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Not Rated Yet Bubble Xmas 1.0 by Realore Studios Bubble Xmas View

Have you ever played with Xmas bubbles? If not, this is your chance! Explore Xmas mood with new Xmas Bubbles! Shoot three or more Xmas bubbles of the same color to blow them up. If you are a keen shooter, you will clear the whole playing field and...

Afterwork, Arcade, Ball, Bubble, Bust-a-move, Christmas, Desktop, Download, Free, Game, Kids, Puzzle, Shoot, Snood, Xmas

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Not Rated Yet Bubble Ice Age 1.1 by Realore Studios Bubble Ice Age View

Have fun - be a keen shooter of ice bubbles! Bubble Ice Age starts new series of puzzle and arcade games from Realore Studios. The goal of this puzzle game is to put three or more ice bubbles of the same color together, and they will remove from...

Afterwork, Age, Arcade, Ball, Bubble, Bust-a-move, Desktop, Download, Free, Game, Ice, Kids, Puzzle, Shoot, Snood

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Not Rated Yet Buzoot 1.0 by Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games Buzoot View

A simple, yet addictive ball shooting puzzle. Aim with your mouse and shoot the balls that are coming down. when you shoot the group of balls of a color, the group is blown. You can enjoy this shooting game in three ways. The standard game...

Ball, Balls, Game, Games, Popndrop, Puzzle, Puzzles, Shoot, Shooter, Shoots, Snood

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Not Rated Yet Tightwad Personal Budget 1.2 by Knutsoft Tightwad Personal Budget View

Maintain a home budget. Easy to use. Quick to setup and install. Users are allowed to select from common budget categories and enter custom categories. Expenses and income are recorded by the user. Printable Monthly reports.

Budget, Home Budget, Household, Money, Savings, Snood, Spybot, Tightwad

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