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Spreadsheet Calculator (SCalc) for UNIX 1.0

  by Abecedarical Systems
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SCalc is a simple spread sheet program. The user interface applies the UNIX curses library for control of a terminal screen in text mode.

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Curses, Sheet, Spread, Unix

SCalc is a simple spread sheet program. The user interface applies the

UNIX curses library for control of a terminal screen in text mode.

This program was developed using the GNU C++ compiler and related tools.

Limitations in SCalc

-- The screen does not scroll. The entire spread sheet is the size of

the terminal screen with five columns, A to E, and nine rows 1 to 9.

-- Numbers are double precision floating point and are displayed in

scientific format or in floating point format.

-- Column widths will are fixed at 14 spaces. Text that exceeds the column

width is clipped in the cell view. Numerical data in scientific

format should always fit this space.

-- The user cannot copy from cells to other cells, insert or delete lines

or columns, of change cell widths.

Some features of SCalc

-- Built in mathematical functions abs, cos, ln, exp, ...

-- Features for saving and loading spread sheets to and from disk

-- Capability to clear spread sheets

-- Features for automatically or manually re-calculate cell values

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Updated: 23-01-1999 00:00:00 UTC
Released: 08-01-1999 00:00:00 UTC
Language: English
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Requirements: UNIX w/ gnu compiler
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