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Not Rated Yet AIM Buddy Icon Stealer 1.2.5 by AIM Buddy Icons AIM Buddy Icon Stealer View

AIM Buddy Icon Stealer is a brand new program for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) that allows you to Steal Buddy Icons from all your AIM buddies. That means you can have and use any of the icons they have used! With Buddy Icon Stealer you can:...

Aim, Aim Buddy Icons, Buddy, Buddy Icons, Icons, Steal, Stealer


Not Rated Yet MSN CE/DP Stealer 5.0 by MSN CE/DP Stealer MSN CE/DP Stealer View

CE/DP Stealer is a utility to view and save your buddies MSN Emoticons and Display Pictures. With it you can save MSN Emoticons and Display Pictures that any of your MSN contacts may have used in conversations with you in MSN Messenger 6, 7 or 8!

Cedp, Display, Emoticon, Emoticons, Messenger 7, Msn 7, Msn 7.5, Msn 8.0, Msn Messenger, Picture, Steal, Stealer, Windows Live Messenger 8.0


Not Rated Yet MSN Names Stealer 1.1 by MSN Nick Names MSN Names Stealer View

With the MSN Names stealer you can, steal names from your contacts in MSN Messenger. This is useful if you want to copy your contacts MSN Names, or retrieve some info from them such as URLs, or even copy them all if your are an MSN Names collector.

Msn Messenger Names, Msn Names, Msn Nicknames, Msn Screen Names


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