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Not Rated Yet Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition 4.000 by Killer Bee Software Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition View

Empire Deluxe Enhanced Edition is the latest evolution of the Empire Series. With it's over 30 year history, the classic "4-X" game of abstract strategic conquest, maneuver and control now adds additional units and rules, and is modifiable.

Civilization, Empire, Expand, Explore, Exterminate, Strategy, Wargame


Not Rated Yet Billiard game One pocket. One pocket 12.25 by Billiards games Billiard game One pocket. One pocket View

Billiard game One pocket. One pocket is a strategic game for two players. Each player is assigned one of the corner pockets on the table. This is the only pocket into which he can legally pocket balls. The first player to pocket the majority of the b

9-ball, Billiard Game One Pocket. One Pocket Is A Strategic Game For Two Players. Each Player Is Assigned One Of The Corner Pockets On The Table. This Is The Only Pocket Into Which He Can Legally Pocket Balls. The First Player To Pocket The Majority Of The B, Much Unlike 8-ball, Or Straight Pool.


Not Rated Yet Becharmed 1.010-0 by Superluminal, Inc. Becharmed View

Link three or more identical charms together to unlock powerful spells and extinguish the Firestones that could incinerate your precious keep. A wide selection of charms lends an interesting strategic element to the game.

Board Game, Charm, Match 3, Match Three, Puzzle

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Not Rated Yet bluevizia Marketing Manager 2.15 by bluevizia bluevizia Marketing Manager View

Interactive marketing software for your management or consulting practice. Easy-to-use and powerful, it provides comprehensive and customizable situation analyses, what-if scenarios and sound strategic solutions for planning a marketing strategy.

Analyses, Analysis, App, Application, Bluevizia, Consulting, Marketing, Marketing Management Software, Marketing Manager, Marketing Planning Software, Marketing Software Tools, Mix, Plan, Planning, Plans, Small Business, Software, Strategy, Suite


Not Rated Yet Four Empires: Bush against terrorists 1.2 by Sinedsoft Four Empires: Bush against terrorists View

Unique strategic game looks similar to Monopoly, but the rules and scenarios are quite different. You will be able conquer cities of rivals, conduct active battles against them, conduct nuclear tests and embark on a nuclear race.

Bush Against Terrorists, Four Empires, Iraq, Monopoly, Nuclear, Race, Sinedsoft, Strategy, Tank, War

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Not Rated Yet Exl-Plan Basic 2.72 by PlanWare - Invest-Tech Limited Exl-Plan Basic View

Business plan projections for startups and established businesses. For business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Generates fully-integrated, five-year projections based on annual assumptions.

Business, Business Plan, Cashflow, Excel, Finance, Forecast, Plan, Project

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Not Rated Yet Exl-Plan Lite (UK-I edition) 2.62 by PlanWare - Invest-Tech Limited Exl-Plan Lite (UK-I edition) View

Business plan projections for new/smallish businesses (e.g. sales $0.5 to $2 m). For business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Generates three-year projections on monthly basis for first year & quarterly thereafter.

Business, Business Plan, Cashflow, Excel, Finance, Forecast, Plan, Project

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Not Rated Yet Brutal Wars 1.5 by Sytexis Software Brutal Wars View

If you think you were born to command armies, not to rub your pants through in the office, then Brutal Wars is for you. This turn-based war strategy lets you hone your strategic skills on various battlefields displayed on your Pocket PC. Good luck!

Turn Based Strategy Game, Window Mobile Game

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Not Rated Yet Job Interview Answers 4.055 by Advanced Systems Job Interview Answers View

No matter what kind of job you are going for - The key is to PREPARE YOURSELF with killer Job Interview Answers! Get all the fresh, intelligent, strategic and EFFECTIVE job interview answers and techniques from this Guide that you will ever need !

Career, Confidence, Employee, Employment, Goal, Hire, Interview, Job, Job Interview, Skills, Work


Not Rated Yet 3D Reversi Unlimited 1.0 by TLK Games 3D Reversi Unlimited View

A cute design 3D for Reversi: a two century old reflection game with very simple rules. The game offers so many strategic possibilities, that you could spend the rest of your life to master it. Enjoy shaking your brain!

3d, Board, Download, Elo, Games, Logics, Multiplayer, Othello, Rating, Replay, Reversi, Strategy, Tactics, Tlk

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Not Rated Yet Astral Masters 1.2 by Apus Software Astral Masters View

Can you make a super mage? Play Astral Masters and explore your strategic thinking in a wide variety of matches with sneaky mages who know secrets. Elaborately themed environments, artful murals and vignettes will surprise you!

Cards, Ccg, Fantasy, Game, Gathering, Magic

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Not Rated Yet BreadieQuest:Halloween III 3.1 by BreadieQuest:Halloween III View

Halloween Party has started! Breadie is invited. Help him to get there! But the Party is full of sudden tricks and he must challenge himself in the dangerous fight with all his fears. Are you ready to overcome your frights and start on adventure?

Adventure, Arcade, Bready, Classic, Doom, Download, Game, Halloween, Mission, Pacman, Party, Play, Quest, Rooms, Shareware, Strategy

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Not Rated Yet 3D The Mill Unlimited 1.0 by TLK Games 3D The Mill Unlimited View

It is one of the oldest games of spatial strategy in the world presented in a 9 paws, 3D version with simple rules and countless strategic options. You play against the computer or on a LAN. You can rollback a move or save a game for replay.

3d, Board, Download, Elo, Games, Internet, Logics, Mill, Multiplayer, Network, Rating, Replay, Strategy, Tactics, The, Tlk

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Not Rated Yet Empire Deluxe Internet Edition 3.5 by Killer Bee Software Empire Deluxe Internet Edition View

Empire Deluxe Internet Edition is the revival of the classic turn-based strategy game Empire Deluxe originally by Mark Baldwin and Bob Rakosky, based on Walter Bright's game Empire, Wargame of the Century. The inspiration for many other games,...

Classic, Deluxe, Empire, Strategy, Turnbased, Wargame


Not Rated Yet Art of War Screen Saver 1.0 by About the Art of War Art of War Screen Saver View

Scenes of ancient China and quotes from Sun Tzu's "Art of War". Around 2,000 years ago, China was in turmoil. A series of wars left the leaders in search of a new way of governing. Sun Tzu's book was born of his direct experience of war.

Art, Business, China, Strategy, Sun Tzu, War


Not Rated Yet Atomic Minesweeper 1.0 by No view

Set your strategic thinking free playing this challenging game! An addictive mine-sweeper like game providing you with several hours of real brain-storming. Try to guess where mines are hidden to stay alive as long as you can. Free to play.

Board, Colors, Download, Free, Online, Puzzle, Strategy, Tactics


Not Rated Yet BoXiKoN 1.5.8 by Shoecake Games BoXiKoN View

BoXiKoN is a fun and addictive puzzle game of strategy and logic. The game belongs to the Action Puzzle genre but there is a large emphasis on planning, organization and selection and less on arcade style quick reactions.

Boxes, Fun, Game, Logic, Puzzle, Shapes, Shareware, Strategy, Tetris, Windows

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Not Rated Yet DXMap ActiveX 1.1 by Sensalgo Soft DXMap ActiveX View

DXMap is a 2D graphical engine. It is a versatile and applicable tool that serves both static and moving representations. In particular the representation of maps in strategy games is supported (top down perspective). DXMap uses DirectX starting...

2d, Activex, Animation, Directx, Dx, Dxmap, Game, Icon, Map, Movie, Scrolling, Strategy

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Not Rated Yet 1942 Campaign for Malaya 1.06 by Kamikaze Wargames Designers 1942 Campaign for Malaya View

1942: Campaign for Malaya recreates the Japanese conquest of Malaya in early 1942, successfully concluded by the fall of Singapore. 1942: Campaign for Malaya is a turn based wargame. It uses classic rules like hexes, ZOC's, combat odds,...

Battle, Battles, Boardgame, Boardgames, Boardgaming, Campaign, Campaigns, Game, Games, Gaming, Operation, Simulation, Simulations, Strategic, Strategies, Strategy, War, War Game, War Games, Wargame

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Not Rated Yet SEO Text generator 11.06 by AB Utilitys for your PC SEO Text generator View

This utility helps you to write 100*100kb unique texts with right keywords. It is to hard write a text especially when you do not understand English. Now you can create more then 10000 texts for your website in one minute.

100*100kb, Helps, Keywords., Right, Texts, This, To, Unique, Utility, With, Write, You


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