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Not Rated Yet Instant Replicator 2.5 by Exare Inc. Instant Replicator View

Instant Replicator is a real-time folder synchronization tool that can automatically keep two or more folders synchronized around the clock. It works silently in the background to monitor and replicate folder changes across your network, according...

Automatic, Real Time, Sync, Synchronization, Synchronize

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Not Rated Yet TrueMirror 3.0 by Schlichtherle IT Services TrueMirror View

TrueMirror is a tool for easy and reliable symmetric file synchronization with transparent ZIP compression and AES encryption for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh. TrueMirror keeps your files up to date between multiple computers via...

Aes Encryption, Bidirectional Synchronization, File Management, File Synchronization, Mirroring, Replication, Zip Compression

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Not Rated Yet LipSync MX 2.0 by Di-O-Matic LipSync MX View

LipSync MX, a ground-breaking and easy-to-use software for post synchronization gives a voice to Flash animation. From now on, every Flash MX designer can create realistic lip-sync in a snap. Simply with an audio file in most language, LipSync MX...

Di-o-matic, Diomatic, Flash, Flash Mx, Lip-sync, Lips, Lipsync, Macromedia, Mx, Synchronization, Voice

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Not Rated Yet Synchromat 6.1.3 by Usov Lab Synchromat View

Synchromat keeps files and folders of all types in sync, whether they are on local, network, or removable drives. Synchronize documents, Outlook files, MP3s, image collections, data files, archives, and more with this fast, safe, intuitive software

Backup, File, Folder, Sync, Synchronization, Synchronize

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Not Rated Yet Access2PostgreSQL SYNC 1.4.0 by DMSoft Technologies Access2PostgreSQL SYNC View

Access2PostgreSQL Sync database synchronization software synchronizes Access and PostgreSQL databases. With scheduler you can accomplish scheduled data transfer and synchronization between MS Access and PostgreSQL.

Access Para Postgresql, Access To Postgresql, Convert Access To Postgresql, Dbtools, Mdb To Pgsql, Mdb To Postgresql, Pgsql Import Access, Pgsql To Access, Postgresql Access, Postgresql To Ms Access

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Not Rated Yet DB SynchroComp 4.0.1 by e-dule Software DB SynchroComp View

DB SynchroComp detects the differences between two SQL Server (7 -2005) database schemas and generates the script to match the structure. At the same time it maintains all data integrity in the database that is the subject of synchronization

Collation, Compare, Database, Differences, Ms Sql, Script, Sql, Sql 2005, Structure, Synchronize, Tool

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Not Rated Yet FoxPro2MySQL SYNC 1.1.0 by DMSoft Technologies FoxPro2MySQL SYNC View

FoxPro2MySQL Sync with scheduler performs MS FoxPro to MySQL and MySQL to FoxPro database conversion with synchronization and the ability to choose particular tables to be converted by configuring options in the wizard-like application.

Database Synchronization, Foxpro Database Sync, Foxpro Database Synchronize, Foxpro Sync, Foxpro Synchronization, Mysql Synchronization, Sync Mysql, Synchronize Database

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Not Rated Yet SynchroFolder 2.12a by Sergey Merzlikin SynchroFolder View

The main purpose of this program product is to provide opportunity to synchronize contents of operating system folders. You may use it to synchronize folders on main and backup file servers, on mobile and office computers, on hard disk and...

Copy, Directory, File, Folder, Ntfs, Security, Synchronize

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Not Rated Yet Access2MySQL SYNC 4.4.0 by DMSoft Technologies Access2MySQL SYNC View

Access2MySQL Sync with scheduler performs MS Access (mdb) to MySQL and MySQL to Access database conversion with synchronization and ability to choose particular tables to be converted simply by configuring options in wizard-like application.

Access Database Sync, Access Database Synchronize, Access Sync, Access Synchronization, Database Synchronization, Mysql Synchronization, Sync Mysql, Synchronize Database

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Not Rated Yet BayTime Timesynchronization 1.004 by M & M - Systeme BayTime Timesynchronization View

You can define 1 primary server and two secondary server. The secondary server(s) will be used if the primary server are not available. Many sychronizationoptions. Additional we have implemented a shutdown manager and a LAN synchronization.

Baytime, Cookies, Ntp, Shutdown, Synchronization, Time


Not Rated Yet EBA:FTP Sync 1.0 by eBusiness Applications No view

EBA:FTP Sync component is an ActiveX Component that provides a simple interface for synchronizing files and folders between client and server running an FTP Service. Great solution for both client-side applications and embedding in server-side script

Activex Ftp File Synchronization, Ftp Client Sync, Ftp File Sync, Ftp File Synchronization, Ftp S, Ftp Server Sync, Ftp Sync Application, Ftp Sync Automated, Ftp Sync Download, Ftp Sync For Windows, Ftp Sync Program, Ftp Web Sync, Server Sync, Synchronization Ftp


Not Rated Yet Multi FTP Sync 2.2 by Coolmasoft Multi FTP Sync View

Mulit FTP Sync is a real-time file synchronization tool that can automatically synchronize the local file system to one or more FTP Servers without any user intervention.It is useful in website synchronization, remote backup.

Auto Sync, Data Synchronization, File Sync, File Synchronization, Ftp Backup, Ftp Sync, Ftp Synchronization, Ftp Synchronize, Mirror Site, Remote Backup, Synchronization, Synchronize, Synchronize File, Synchronize Folder, Website Synchronization

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Not Rated Yet Auto Folder synchronization 2007.1.2 by AutoBAUP Auto Folder synchronization View

Easy-to-Use File synchronization and backup tool, it can automatically Compare, backup, synchronize, and replicate any type of files/folders from one computer to another computer, local hard disk to hard disk, and other storage device.

Auto Back Up, Automatic, Back Up, Backup, Backup File, Copy, Copying Files, Data Backup, Documents, Drives, Duplicate, File Backup, File Safe, Files, Files Safe, Filessafe, Hard Disk, Protect, Safe, Sync

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Not Rated Yet MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync 1.2.0 by DMSoft Technologies MySQL2PostgreSQL Sync View

MySQL2PostgreSQL SYNC synchronizes &converts MySQL database to PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL database to MySQL. You can choose particular tables simply by configuring options in wizard-like application and with scheduler accomplish data synching

Database Synchronization, Mysql Database Sync, Mysql Database Synchronize, Mysql Synchronization, Pgsql Database Sync, Potgresql Synchronization, Sync Database, Sync Pgsql, Synchronize Database

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Not Rated Yet SyncFolder 2.3 by Scendix Software, Inc. SyncFolder View

SyncFolder helps you to synchronize two or more folders/computers and to backup your important data. All sync-settings can be saved in a syncfolder-projectfile for later execution or scheduled execution. Many features available.

Backup, Scheduled Backup, Synchronization

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Not Rated Yet SyncPro Backup 2.1 by 01ware SyncPro Backup View

Syncpro synchronizes Folders and Files on the same drive, another drive or across the network. Syncpro works as two way synchronization utility to ensure that files are up to date between drives or computers. You can set up profiles that...

Archive, Backup, Briefcase, Compare, Comparing, Files, Icq, Quick, Speed, Synchronization, Synchronize, Syncpro, Transfer, Update

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Not Rated Yet Laplink PDAsync 3.3 by Laplink Software Laplink PDAsync View

Synchronize e-mail, contacts, calendar appointments, notes, tasks, and more between your PDA and PC. Includes synchronization for popular desktop productivity software such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Lotus Organizer, and ACT! 2000.

Device, Handheld, Palm, Pc, Pda, Pocket, Pocketpc, Symbian, Sync, Synchronize, Treo

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Editor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 StarsEditor Award 5 Stars FTP Auto Sync 2.1 by AQUATRA FTP Auto Sync View

Perform intelligent file transfers in background! FTP Auto Sync automates routine FTP uploads, downloads and synchronization tasks by building automation scenarios, scheduling and performing file transfers over the FTP protocol.

Ftp, Ftp Automate, Ftp Automation, Ftp Download, Ftp Sync, Ftp Synchronization, Ftp Syncronize, Ftp Upload

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Not Rated Yet GPS Time and Test 1.4 by ArtyWall GPS Time and Test View

It is a PC Clock synchronization program. The program synchronizes a PC Clock to the right time using artificial satellites. It is alternative solution to synchronizing with atomic clock using NTP(SNTP) and Internet. The program works in the...

Application, Com, Global Positioning System, Gps, Nmea, Nmea 0183, Pc, Pc Clock, Port, Program, Sync, Synchro, Synchronization, Synchronizing, Time, Tool, Utility, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Compare Advance 1.1.1 by BauerApps Compare Advance View

Easy to use folder compare utility with advanced features. Compare any two folders, zip files or snapshots and easily see the difference between them. Unique features to make folder comparison and synchronization that much easier.

Backup, Compare, Compare Directories, Compare Folders, Folder Synchronization, Sync, Synchronize

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