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Not Rated Yet Fantasize Soundfont Player VSTi 2.3 by Syntheway Fantasize Soundfont Player VSTi View

FANTASIZE is a sampler generator which can load SoundFont (SF2 format) instruments/drumkits collections, designed for creating music on your VST Host. High quality sample-playback engine, make FANTASIZE the perfect choice for sample composers.

Dsp, Instrument, Sf2 Format, Soundfont Player, Synth, Synthesizer, Synths, Virtual, Virtual Instrument, Virtual Studio Technology, Vst, Vst Plug In, Vsti

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Not Rated Yet RainbowPlayer 0.91 by NanoCode Software RainbowPlayer View

Free Audio Player for Windows. Main features : • Supported formats: mp3,ogg,wav,aiff,mod,s3m,xm,it,stm,dmf,amf,med,mtm,669,far,ams, dsm,nst,ult,wow,mdl,okt,ptm,psm,mt2,zip(modules). • Skins. • Digital Sound Processing(DSP) filters &...

Convert, Directsound, Mod, Mp3, Multimedia, Music, Nanocode, Ogg, Player, Playlist, Rainbow, Sound, Tools, Wav


Not Rated Yet m3uEdit2 2.2.2 by Slashback Associates, Inc. m3uEdit2 View

m3uEdit is a robust m3u playlist creator/editor. Open one or more m3u files (optionally through the context menu) and drop filenames on them to add, drag the files into any order, or drag-n-drop between different m3u files.

Editor, M3u, Playlist

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Not Rated Yet DVD Video Tools Offer for Christmas suite by Soft29 Download DVD Video Tools Offer for Christmas View

The discount pack are customized for coming Christmas, which include the best DVD and video tools like DVD ripper, DVD copy, DVD creator, video converter, iPod video converter, Zune video converter, etc.. The highest discount is up to 40%.

Dvd Copy, Dvd Creator, Dvd Ripper, Ipod/psp/zune Video Converter

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User Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 StarsUser Rating 5 Stars SimpleCast 2.5.1 by Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC SimpleCast View

Broadcast any sound playing over your soundcard, mic or line-in over the internet! Features MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and advanced WM9 streaming. Encode at multiple bitrates and multiple formats to multiple server types simultaneously. eal-Time statistics!

Broadcasting, Internet Broadcasting, Mp3, Mp3pro, Ogg, Radio, Simple Cast, Simplecast, Streaming, Windows Media, Wm, Wm9, Wma

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Not Rated Yet SVArTracker 1.01 by SVAr software SVArTracker View

Advanced music creation tool. Next generation of trackers. Modular virtual studio. * Compatibility with thousands of virtual instruments - can load VST, VSTi and DirectX DMO plugins. * Integrated sampler. Up to 15 typical tracker...

Audio, Bass, Composing, Directx, Drum, Dx, Effect, Instrument, Keys, Loops, Midi, Modular, Module, Music, Musician, Notes, Plug, Plugin, Sample, Scheme


Not Rated Yet Print2Flash 2.4 by Print2Flash Software Print2Flash View

Print2Flash lets you easily convert any printable document to an Adobe Flash (SWF) file. This file can be viewed by users who don't have the software that created the original document and even published on the Internet for easy access to it.

Adobe Flash, Convert, Convert To Adobe Flash, Convert To Flash, Document, Flash, Flash Printer, Flashprinter, Internet, Macromedia Flash, Print, Print To Adobe Flash, Print To Flash, Print2flash, Publish, Publish Document, Publish Document On The Internet, Swf, Web

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Not Rated Yet A-PDF PPT2PDF 1.0.1 by A-PDF PPT2PDF View

A-PDF PPT2PDF is a software utility program that converts PowerPoint files into .pdf files which are compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above. Features of the software include the ability to change the visual quality (compression)...

Ms Powerpoint;ppt;powerpoint;powerporint Presentation;persentation;acrobat;adobe;pdf;properties;security;bookmark

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Not Rated Yet Document2PDF Pilot 2.02 by Two Pilots Document2PDF Pilot View

Convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint, html, chm, rtf, txt, wri, jpg, gif, tif to PDF files. The program supports batch conversion, command line, PDF security options, password protection and compression modes. The program has dialog interface.

Chm, Convert, Excel, Password, Pdf, Protection, Rtf, Text, Word


Not Rated Yet Text2PDF Pilot 1.40 by Two Pilots Text2PDF Pilot View

Converts RTF and text documents to PDF files. The program supports different PDF security options, password protection and different compression modes. Using batch conversion mode, you can convert a large amount of documents.

Convert, Password, Pdf, Protection, Rtf, Security, Text


Not Rated Yet SQLServerPrint 2005 9.0.27 by StarPrint Limited SQLServerPrint 2005 View

Document your Microsoft SQL Server 2005 by printing its objects (tables, views, Stored Procedures, etc.) in your own custom style. You can print Database Roles, Defaults, File Groups, FullText Catalogues, Log Files, Rules, Stored Procedures,...

Database Tools, Dictionary, Document, Document Database, Schema, Sql Server

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Not Rated Yet Convert2MetaStock 2.2 by No view

This application creates data in the MetaStockTM format from an ASCII historical end-of-day data source file. The file can practically be in any format. You can define how your ASCII source is structured, for example: Which columns have which...

Ascii, Convert, Every, Fast, Format, Metastock, Quick, To

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Not Rated Yet IntHelp 1.1 by esbob IntHelp View

The common requirement for each developer (at least of my type, haha) is the help. Whether I'm working with Oracle database or coding in .Net there are for me very important Google or local documents. Coding with Oracle is the area where I'm...

Application, Development, Help, Keystroke, Launcher


Not Rated Yet ASP/Export2Access 1.51 by Nonnoi Solutions ASP/Export2Access View

ASP/Export2Access is a server side COM component that allows web developers to export from DAO or ADO recordsets into MS-Access (MDB) file.

Access, Activex, Asp, Com, Component, Export, Export2access, Php

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Not Rated Yet ASP/Export2PDF 1.25 by Nonnoi Solutions ASP/Export2PDF View

ASP/Export2PDF is a server side COM component that allows web developers to export from DAO or ADO recordsets into PDF file.

Activex, Asp, Com, Component, Export, Export2pdf, Pdf, Php

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Not Rated Yet Terminal Components 1.1.6 by 3SP Ltd Terminal Components View

The Terminal Components are lightweight implementations of a standard ANSI/VT terminal with both Swing and AWT versions available. Full documentation and example code is provided for use. Features Include: - Compatible with JDK1.1+ - Cross...

Java, Secure Ftp, Sftp, Ssh, Ssh1, Telnet, Terminal

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Not Rated Yet AptEdit 3.3.1 by Brother Technology, Inc. AptEdit View

AptEdit is a 32-bit full-featured text / hexadecimal profssional editor. It offers many powerful features to view and edit any files (text or binary). And it is also an excellent source editor for Web page authors and programmers.

Ascii2unicode, Column Align, Edit, Export Hex, Find Disk File, Fixed Width To Character Delimited, Function List, Hex, Hex Template, Html, Keyboard Scheme, Open Drive, Pcre, Regular Expression, Source Folder, Text, Text2html, Unicode, Unicode2ascii, Xml

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Not Rated Yet Bytescout Post2Blog 2.12 by ByteScout Bytescout Post2Blog View

Freeware powerful blog editor for WordPress, Typepad, MovableType and other blogs. Automates images uploading support (Flickr, ImageShack, FTP). Integrates with Firefox, IE, Word, RSS Bandit, FeedDemon, SharpReader

Blog, Blog Editor, Desktop Blog Editor, Editor, Firefox, Flickr, Freeware, Html, Internet Explorer, Livejournal, Movebletype, Post, Post2blog, Typepad, Update, Word, Wordpress


Not Rated Yet Devrace FIBPlus for Borland InterBase and Firebird 6.5 by Devrace Devrace FIBPlus for Borland InterBase and Firebird View

The simplest and most flexible suite of direct access components to InterBase and Firebird. Supports SQLDialect 3 of InterBase 6.x, array and blob fields, implements local filtering and local sorting in dataset, supports standard data-aware controls.

Access, Bcb, Connectivity, Database, Db, Delphi, Direct, Engine, Firebird, Ibexpress, Ibo, Ibobjects, Ibx, Interbase, Sources


Not Rated Yet Print2eDoc SDK v1.0 RC1 by Gnostice Information Technologies Private Limited Print2eDoc SDK View

Gnostice Print2eDoc SDK is the Software Development Kit for the Print2eDoc application, to programmatically control all the configuration and final creation tasks of the software printer based electronic document creation device [PDF/HTML/RTF].

Create Html, Create Pdf, Create Rtf, Create Tiff, Free Pdf Writer, Pdf Convertor, Pdf Print Driver, Pdf Printer, Pdf Printer Driver, Print Pdf File, Print To Pdf, Save As Pdf, Sdk, Universal Document Converter, Virtual Pdf Printer, Virtual Printer


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