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Not Rated Yet Iconic Tray 1.21 by dnSoft Research Group Iconic Tray View

This tiny utility lets you minimize any window either to the system tray, or to a special new tray (see image). This helps you keep your taskbar clean for often used apps. Minimizing can be carried out with mouse clicks and/or system-wide hotkeys.

Application, Bar, Customize, Enhancement, Express, Hide, Icon, Manager, Minimize, Outlook, Program, Put, Send, Software, System, Systemtray, Systray, Task, Taskbar, Tool

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Not Rated Yet Thunderbird-Tray 1.2 by Felix Geyer Thunderbird-Tray View

Thunderbird-Tray is a system tray launcher tool for Mozilla Thunderbird, the popular e-mail client. You can use TB-Tray to hide Thunderbird to the tray while you don't need it. When you click the tray icon, TB-Tray will restore Thunderbird. It...

Client, E-mail, Mail, Minimize, Mozilla, Tb-tray, Tbtray, Thunderbird, Thunderbird-tray, Tray


Not Rated Yet 4t Tray Minimizer Free 4.40 by 4t Niagara Software 4t Tray Minimizer Free View

4t Tray Minimizer lets you running applications minimized as System Tray icons. The System tray icons can be hidden to let you easily read the buttons on your taskbar. Also you can customize the favorites with special hiding behavior and launch key.

Bar, Firefox, Hide, Launch, Minimize, Outlook, Status, System Tray, Taskbar, Tray, Utility


Not Rated Yet 12Ghosts SaveLayout 8.11 by 12Ghosts Inc. 12Ghosts SaveLayout View

Keep changes to your desktop icon layout once and forever. This is the final answer to the Windows desktop imperfection, keeping a strong backlog of icon layouts. Comes with a desktop simulation tool, and a powerful tray application launcher.

Desktop, Extensions, Icons, Layout, Powertoys, Tools, Utilities, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Tray Weather Forecast 1.4 by Tray Weather Ltd. Tray Weather Forecast View

Personal weather forecast desktop informer. Tray icon show current outdoors temperature. Click on icon bring weather forecast window to desktop. Hourly forecast is present for 2-3 days. Two sources of forecast for 9 days. Internet connection required

Desktop, Forecast, Hourly, Tray, Weather, World

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Not Rated Yet USB Safely Remove 2.2 by USB Safely Remove View

Extends Safely Remove Hardware icon functionality. The program completely replaces the features of the standard Safely Remove Hardware icon and also implements a number of unique features. 1. You can customize the Quick Stop Menu (shown when...

Eject Device, Hotkeys, Safely Remove Hardware, Safely Remove Hardware Icon, Shortcuts, Sounds, Stop Device, System, Usb Device, Usb Flash Drive, Utilities

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Not Rated Yet Simple System Tray IMAP Client 1.0 by Arundale Simple System Tray IMAP Client View

This program includes a few interesting and useful technologies i.e. - A Simple System Tray IMAP Mail Client (not available so far) - System Tray Implementation in Visual C#.Net This includes source code, so you could use it as it is or play...

.net, C#, Client, Code, Imap, Included, Mail, Popup, Preview, System, Tray, Visual


Not Rated Yet PBBalloon & PBTray 2.0 by Perfection Bytes PBBalloon & PBTray View

PBBalloon Component includes an ActiveX OCX and DLL, to show XP-style balloon messages in ANY Windows version, show system tray icons and get their location on the screen. PBBalloon was designed specifically for developers who wish to use...

Balloon, Message Box, System Tray Icon, Tooltip

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Not Rated Yet ShowDT 3.06.2 by Castle Software Ltd No view

ShowDT 2001 is a simple utility that uncovers and restore your desktop with the single click of an icon in the system tray; it's useful for people running Windows 95 or Windows NT4. It can also be run from a desktop shortcut or hot-key.

Desktop, Minimize, Reveal, Uncover


Not Rated Yet JWeather 1.1.11 by Golden-Abdal JWeather View

JWeather has functionality to show a radar image based on the users zipcode as well as 10 day forecast. It also shows temperature on the system tray icon similiar to Weather Bug. When you start the program it hides in the system tray, and you have...

Bug, Forecast, Jweather, Radar, Weather


Not Rated Yet DateInTray 1.5 by CrispyBytes Development DateInTray View

DateInTray is a small freeware utility that displays the date in the Windows tray. The day of the month is displayed in the DateInTray icon, and the entire date can be seen in a tooltip popup by holding the mouse cursor over the icon. A useful...

Calendar, Counter, Date, Time, Tray


Not Rated Yet tssTrayNotify 1.0 by Teebo Software Solutions tssTrayNotify View

tssTrayNotify in an ActiveX / COM component that places a clickable icon in the system tray, while providing a popup 'balloon' style tool tip that instantly provides visual feedback for your users. This makes an ideal replacement for informational...

Activex, Balloon, Com, Component, Control, Pop, Popup, System, Systray, Tip, Tool, Tooltip, Tray, Up, Xp


Not Rated Yet Tray Commander Lite 1.2 by Ardamax Software No view

Tray Commander is a multifunctional utility that was developed to let you quickly run your frequently used commands directly from the system tray. It can open\close your CD drives, reboot, shutdown your system, run applications and many others.

Command, Launcher, Launchpad, Shortcut, Shutdown, Utility


Not Rated Yet Vladstudio Companion 1.0 by Vladstudio Vladstudio Companion View

Vladstudio Companion is a freeware program with the following exciting features: (1) Wallpaper changing. At defined intervals, it changes your desktop background with Vladstudio wallpapers downloaded in random order. Or, just double-click the tray...

Desktop Backgrounds, Dual Monitor Wallpapers, Dual Wallpapers, Free Desktop Wallpaper, Free Wallpaper, High Quality Wallpaper, Wallpaper, Wallpapers, Widescreen Wallpapers


Not Rated Yet SoundWheel 1.2 by SoundWheel View

Modern sound systems for PCs usually offer you a way to control the sound level. $500+ systems that shine on shelves in computer shops are sometimes equipped with a remote control. Less expensive systems may have a wheel which is completely...

Control, Hot Wheel, Mouse, Mouse Wheel, Sound, Sound Volume Control, Soundwheel, Volume, Wheel

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Not Rated Yet TimePunch 1.82.04 by Gerhard Stephan Softwareentwicklung TimePunch View

TimePunch offers you all the features you expect from a project time recording. Export to Microsoft Excel, HTML, Access and CSV. Project can be changed very fast by clicking on tray icon. TimePunch can handle flexible work time and still a lot more.

Download, Flexitime, Management, Network, Software, Time Clocking, Time Recording, Vacation, Work, Work Time Registration, Working Time

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Not Rated Yet 12Ghosts TrayProtect 8.11 by 12Ghosts Inc. 12Ghosts TrayProtect View

To keep track of many tray icons you may hide those that you don't need all the time. You can still access such hidden tray icons in the context menu of 12-Tray. It will also restore tray icons after a 'crash' or restart of the taskbar.

Hide, Icons To Menu, Tray Icons, Tray Protect, Trayicon

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Not Rated Yet Quick Calendar 1.00 by 215 Technology, Inc. Quick Calendar View

Quick Calendar displays the day of the month in your system tray. It's a very handy way to quickly know the date without having to move your mouse - the PC equivalent to having a date display on your watch. Just glance at your screen not your wrist!

215 Software, 215 Technology, Calendar, Date, Quick Calendar, System Tray, Time, Utility

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Not Rated Yet URL Control Center 1 by Compendium Developments URL Control Center View

Manage your url faves from your system tray. One icon click and you have access to a popup menu with the urls you setup in the order that you like to use them. Drag and drop urls from your browser. Setup multiple browsers easily.

Favorites, Favourites, Manager, System, Tray, Url

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Not Rated Yet Manganese Menu 1.0 by BiBa SOFTWARE No view

The program allows you to specify an icon (which can be a custom image) that resides on the desktop (or optionally in the system tray). When hovering over the icon or left clicking on it, a simple menu is displayed with all your shortcuts. The...

Desktop, Menu, Shortcuts, Toolbar Replacement


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