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Not Rated Yet Mail UnKnown Anti-Spam 1.532 by CactusVision Software Mail UnKnown Anti-Spam View

Stop spam with Mail UnKnown. Mail UnKnown uses a Verify then Validate method giving you control of emails you receive. Emails are held until a sender is verified. Then you have the option to validate them as a sender you want to receive emails from.

Block, Email, Filter, Internet, Junk, Mail, Netscape, Outlook, Outlook Express, Spam, Stop, Utilities

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Not Rated Yet Internet Explorer BufferZone Security 2.10-37 by TrustWare Internet Explorer BufferZone Security View

Internet Explorer BufferZone Security allows you to browse anywhere and download anything with complete safety. BufferZone's revolutionary virtualization technology creates an isolated zone on your PC, which separates your operating system and...

Anti, Antivirus, Explorer, Internet, Malware, Protection, Security, Spyware, Trojan, Virus


Not Rated Yet Spamcontainer 3.0 by Spamcontainer INC Spamcontainer View

Spam Container takes an entirely different approach to spam, allowing you to see only the email you have allowed, banning known bad senders so they are never allowed through and putting all unknown senders into a holding area

Antispam, Email, Exchange, Filtering, Freeware, Microsoft, Outlook, Spam, Spammers

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Not Rated Yet Phone Calls Filter 1.1 by Teley Phone Calls Filter View

Are you bothered with unwanted phone calls ? not anymore ! just set filters for incoming phone calls.. use categorized answering modes - such as: hanging up, personalized greetings etc... All based on caller ID. filter your incoming calls so that...

Block Call, Block Incoming Call, Block Out Of Area Calls, Block Unknown Call, Block Unwanted Call, Caller Id, Callerid. Modem, Outofarea, Phone Call Blocker, Software, Tapi, Teley, Unknown, Windows

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Not Rated Yet Purgy 1.0 by Xtreeme GmbH Purgy View

Anti-spam software for Windows. It accepts emails from senders you trust while asking unknown senders to verify themselves by replying to an email. After positive verification it adds them to your approved sender list and delivers all their messages.

Anti Spam, Anti-spam, Antispam, Email Filter, Spam, Spam Filter, Spam Filtering, Spam Solution, Spam Tool, Spam Utility, Stop Spam

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Not Rated Yet Safe n Sec Plus Anti-Spyware 2.0.1610 by S.N.Safe&Software No view

Safe n Sec Plus Anti-Spyware is a complex solution including Safe n Sec reliable proactive protection of PCs against unknown viruses, Trojans, other malwares, and Anti-Spyware Module intended for scanning and removing spyware. Safe n Sec Plus...

Adware, Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Computer Protection, Internet Security, Protect Computer, Spyware Remover

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Not Rated Yet GeSWall Freeware 2.6 by GentleSecurity GeSWall Freeware View

GeSWall is intrusion prevention system that is non-intrusive and easy to use. GeSWall is a required supplementary to your anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall as it blocks unknown treats missed by those solutions.

Access, Antivirus, Application, Attack, Control, Firewall, Internet, Intrusion, Isolation, Mandatory, Policy, Prevention, Sandbox, Security


Not Rated Yet Discovery 3D Screensaver 1.0 by 3Planesoft Discovery 3D Screensaver View

Get ready to be astonished by beautiful artwork featured in this 3D screensaver. Discovery 3D Screensaver pictures a chamber of some unknown Medieval explorer and scholar. Download your copy now and get the flavor of the Age of Discovery.

3d, Discovery, Fantasy, Screensaver

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Not Rated Yet Trojan Slayer 2.0.0 by Leithauser Research Trojan Slayer View

Protect your computer from Trojans. Let Trojan Slayer learn what programs you use on your computer, then switch to one of the enforcement modes to block or eliminate any unknown programs. Enforcement modes are Report, Block, Delete, or Replace.

Computer, Computer Security, Computer Virus, Defense, Protection, Security, Spyware, Trojan, Virus, Virus Protection

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Not Rated Yet CASC concentration calculator by BPP Marcin Borkowski CASC concentration calculator View

CASC calculates recipes for solution preparation and converts concentrations automatically taking density changes into account thanks to built in database of substances. It also helps in dilution and mixed solutions calculations.

Concentration, Concentration Conversion, Density Table, Molality, Molar Fraction, Molarity, Solution Peraparation

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Not Rated Yet KeyScrambler Personal 1.2.1 by QFX Software Corporation KeyScrambler Personal View

KeyScrambler Personal is a free plugin for your web browser. It encrypts your keystrokes to protect your usernames and passwords. It protects you from both known and unknown keyloggers and it does not require you to do anything differently.

Anti-keylogger, Anti-spyware, Browser Plugin, Identity Theft, Keylogger, Privacy, Security, Spyware


Not Rated Yet FyLasso Antivulnerability 1.6.0 by FyLasso FyLasso Antivulnerability View

FyLasso Antivulnerability is a software utility which protects from unknown vulnerabilities (0-days), worms and malicious hackers. FyLasso's approach uses a periodically updated Attack Vectors Database to scan your computer for potential software...

Antivirus, Antivulnerability, Protection, Security


Not Rated Yet Backdoor Guard by Malware Remover Backdoor Guard View

BackdoorGuard Award-Winning Firewall Software. Prevents Hackers and Adware Communications. Stops viruses and worms, and protects against emerging viruses before they attack. Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.

Backdoor, Block, Blocker, Delete, Detecting, Detection, Detector, Disable, Eliminate, Finder, Firewall, Guard, Hacker, Hackers, Hacking, Internet, Online Privacy, Prevent, Protection., Protects

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Not Rated Yet HashTrie 1.0 by SoftComplete Development No view

By Softcomplete Development. HashTrie is a new highly efficient data structure for fast searching. It combines in itself properties of the hash-tables and trie (digital-trees). As against the usual hash-tables the size of HashTrie is not fixed...

Dynamic, Hash, Hashtrie, Tree


Not Rated Yet InternetFileSize 3.60 by Moveax, LLC InternetFileSize View

Haven't you ever met with http:// or ftp:// links with unknown or incorrect file size. But now it is a not problem with Internet File Size. Now you can easily determine file size, type, modification date and real URL in the internet.

Enhancement, Explorer, File Size, Ftp, Get Size, Http, Ie, Internet, Internet File Size, Link, Shell, Shell Enhancement, Size, Utility


Not Rated Yet Personal Antispy 1.3 by BlazingTools Software Personal Antispy View

Personal Antispy can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of unauthorized activity monitoring software, both known and unknown. It effectively finds and removes keyloggers, trojans and other spy software.

Access Control, Anti Key Logger, Anti-keylogger, Anti-spy, Anti-trojan, Antikeylogger, Antispy, Antitrojan, Identity Thief Protection, Malware Protection, Monitoring, Remover, Spy, Surveillance, Trojan, Trojan Remover

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Not Rated Yet Parador File Protection PE by Serial Scientific International, Inc. Parador File Protection PE View

The Parador solution provides a new layer of protection for the "NEXT GENERATION" in computer security against UNKNOWN VIRAL ATTACKS. This layer is activated automatically thereby catching newly created viruses when all other layers have failed.

Anti Virus, Antivirus, File Monitoring, File Protection, System Security


Not Rated Yet tax returns calculator 1.0 by Jay Hegarty tax returns calculator View

This free no spyware application calculates all forms of returns on your taxes including federal and state taxes and for personal to business taxes small and large. This neat application calculates the most refunds possible.

Block Tax Calculator, Canada Income Tax Calculator, Federal Tax Return Calculator, Free Income Tax Calculator, Tax Returns Calculator


Not Rated Yet Trustix AntiVirus 2005 2.2 by Trustix Trustix AntiVirus 2005 View

Trustix AntiVirus 2005 - Detects and eliminates viruses from desktop and networks - Seamless one-click, on-demand scanning - Detects unknown viruses using Static Heuristic analysis - Daily, automatic updates of virus databases -...

Free Anti Virus Software, Free Antivirus Tool, Trial Anti-virus Software


Not Rated Yet MSU StegoVideo 1.0 by Graphics&Media Lab Video Group MSU StegoVideo View

Free program for hiding information in video. After info hiding you can compress video with unknown codec (this is main feature) and extract you file from this video later! Program advices lrelatively low noise level.

Filter, Information Hiding, Steganography, Stegovideo, Video, Watermarking


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