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Not Rated Yet Lumisoft UI Controls 1.1 by ComponentSpot No view

Lumisoft’s UI Controls 0.11 contains over a dozen basic flat controls for Windows Forms apps. The controls can be configured using the Property tab in VS.NET, but lack advanced WYSIWYG design-time support and databinding. Seems somewhat buggy.

Check Box .net, Color List .net, Combo Box .net, Context Menu .net, Drop Down .net, Edit Box .net, List Box .net, Ui Controls, User Interface, User Interface Controls


Not Rated Yet XP Controls 1.0 by SkySof Software Inc. XP Controls View

XP Controls is a powerful ActiveX DLL to give your common Visual Basic controls the look and feel of a Windows XP interface. Note: Window's XP is required.

Activex, Common, Controls, Dll, Manifest, Vb, Visual Basic, Xp

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User Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 StarsUser Rating 2 Stars NeoCalendarIII 3.0.0 by Neo Components NeoCalendarIII View

The NeoCalendar Library consists of three ActiveX Controls which are designed to replace the MonthView and DTPicker controls that ships with VB. A brand new Date Range selector control is also added which can generate SQL statements automatically.

Activex Control, Calendar, Custom Controls, Datepicker, Dtpicker, Masked Input, User Interface Components, Vb, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Component


Not Rated Yet ScrollerII 2.0.0 by Neo Components ScrollerII View

The ScrollerII library has two Controls that provide automatic Scrolling functionality. The FormScroller makes an entire Form Scrollable, whereas the Scrollable Container Makes Part of a Form Scrollable. No need of any code to write.

Activex Control, Components, User Interface, Visual Basic


Not Rated Yet Teroid Data Form 1.0 by Teroid Software Limited Teroid Data Form View

Teroid Data Form is an easy to use .NET control which dramatically reduces development times by providing an instant user interface to an ADO .NET DataTable object. Drop one onto a form and set the DataTable property either at design time or at...

.net, .net Components, .net Controls, Ado, Data, Database, Input, Visual Studio, Windows Forms Controls


Not Rated Yet dtControls 1.0 by Digerati Technologies, LLC dtControls View

dtControls is a control library packaged as a single OCX control. Version 1.0 offers four useful controls (with more planned) in a single package. dtErrorProvider: provides an implementation of an error provider similar to .NET's ErrorProvider...

Activex, Components, Controls, Error, Hyperlink, Ini, Ocx, Programming, Tips, Visual Basic


Not Rated Yet RustemSoft.Controls .NET assembly 1.04.84 by RustemSoft RustemSoft.Controls .NET assembly View

RustemSoft provides the common controls you always wanted. Show date/time and numeric text boxes with simple and easy-to-manage properties. Create Windows XP style buttons with mouse over and click effects. Make anything appear as IP Address, SS#,...

.net, .net Components, .net Controls, C#, Combobox, Date Box, Datetime, For Beginners .net, Learn Vb, Numeric Box, Time Box, Vb Examples,, Visual Basic, Windows Forms, Winforms

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Not Rated Yet BCSIcom 1.0.0 by Black Cat Systems No view

Controls Icom radios with a CI-V Interface.

Amateur Radio, Ci-v, Icom, Radio, Radio Control, Rig Control


Not Rated Yet DllRegSvr 1.1 by Chestysoft DllRegSvr View

This is a simple tool for registering ActiveX dll and ocx controls. It uses a Windows interface so it is quicker and easier than working at the command prompt.

Activex, Com, Control, Dll, Object, Ocx, Registration, Registry, Regsvr32, Server


Not Rated Yet Teroid Data Filter 3.0 by Teroid Software Limited Teroid Data Filter View

Teroid Data Filter 3.0 is a .NET Windows Forms control allowing users to specify filtering criteria in applications using an ADO .NET DataView or BindingSource as a data source. It can be used on a form containing data-bound controls or a...

.net, .net Components, .net Controls, Ado, Data, Database, Filter, Visual Studio, Windows Forms Controls


Not Rated Yet ActiveWizard 1.4 by R.M. de Boer Software ActiveWizard View

ActiveWizard is an easy-to-use ActiveX control that enables you to create 'Windows 2000 style' wizards. Just put an ActiveWizard control on your form, add some ActivePane controls, and the ActiveWizard control automatically resizes the Panes for you.

Activex, Control, Gui, Interface, Programming, Tool, Vb6, Wizard

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Not Rated Yet AfalinaSoft Flat Controls 1.53 by Afalina Co., Ltd. AfalinaSoft Flat Controls View

The MS Office-like style to all standard VCL controls in one point. - 34 flat controls - Delphi 7 supported - Native VCL code - Stylish GUI - Simple use - Full control in one point - You will have nothing to change in our code - just use it!

Component, Controls, Delphi, Flat, Flatstyle, Miscrosoft, Office, Style, Vcl

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Not Rated Yet AVChat 1.3 by AVChat No view

AVChat is a fully featured flash video chat with an intuitive and easy to use flash user interface. It supports real time audio and video communication with bandwidth controls and automatic webcam and microphone detection.

Based, Chat, Flash, For, Live, Software, User, Video, Websites


Not Rated Yet 3D Control Magic for .NET by MultiMedia Soft 3D Control Magic for .NET View

3D Control Magic for .NET is the ultimate 3D control component developed with the purpose of replacing some of the old fashioned Windows flat controls in applications written with Visual Studio.NET 3D Control Magic is not only an enhanced...

.net, .net Component, 3d, Animation, Button, Checkbox, Component, Components, Development, Fancy, Frame, Hyperlink, Led, Option, Picture Control, Professional Look, Pushbutton, Radio, Software, User Interface


Not Rated Yet Resizer Wizard Activex for Visual Basic 3.0 by Seekford Solutions, inc Resizer Wizard Activex for Visual Basic View

Many programmers find it not only painful, but very annoying to have to add resize code to their Forms. Many times, deadline pressure makes it so that the Form has to be made Fixed(meaning the user can't adjust the size). With customers using...

Activex, Components, Developers, Gui, Interface, Ocx, Resizer, Vb, Vb Resizer, Visual Basic, Visual Basic Resizer

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Not Rated Yet DF_Language 1.0.264 by Info2000 DF_Language View

DF_Language scans your projects for any properties of controls and belong all source code. A simple text file (.lan) is created and can be edited for adding new languages. In matter of minutes your software is ready for multi languages support.

Addin, Control, Dll, Info2000, Language, Lingua, Localitation, Localizzare, Multilanguage, Multilingua, Ocx, Visual Basic


Not Rated Yet XPSuite Skinnables 4.0.3 by CIA, The Company XPSuite Skinnables View

XPSuite Skinnables is the first active-x controls collection of it's kind. The entire suite is geared around providing developers with the custom controls they need to give their projects the XP, XPLuna Theme, look regardless of the operating system.

.net, Activex, Button, Development, Free, Menu, Skin, Suitevb, Support, Unicode, Visual Basic, Xp

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Not Rated Yet DynamicSkinForm 7.X by Almediadev No view

DynamicSkinForm VCL (more than 100 components) help you to create applications with skins. Stable, multifunctional package for multimedia and standard applications. Features: -application can have one or different skins for windows...

Skin, Theme, Vcl

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Not Rated Yet Graphic-Chart ActiveX Components 3.000 by Dragonfly Automation Software Graphic-Chart ActiveX Components View

ActiveX components provide you reusabe, flexible, reliable, robust and stable software UI(User Interface) solution. Of course, if you have any development environment which supports ActiveX or OLE design (i.e., Visual Basic, Visual C++, C#, VBA,...

3d, Activex, Automation, Barchart, Chart, Component, Control, Gauge, Hmi, Indicator, Led, Piechart, Progressbar, Scope, Temperature


Not Rated Yet Developer Tool Marketplace News Screensaver 1.0 by DevDirect Developer Tool Marketplace News Screensaver View

Find out about the latest software components and custom controls as they become available using Dev Direct's Developer Tool Marketplace News screen saver. Essential for all .Net, Java, ActiveX/COM, C/C++ and Delphi programmers.

.net, Activex, Addin, Addon, Asp,, Basic, Bean, Beans, C#,, C++, C++builder, Cbd, Class, Clx, Code, Component, Componet, Developer


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