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Not Rated Yet HypnoSoft 2.0 by Thinkwell Corp. HypnoSoft View

Create a custom self hypnosis mp3 online. 40 topics plus any custom topic. Most hypnosis CDs, tapes, and mp3 downloads are mass produced copies of a generic hypnosis, yet each person is unique. Your hypnosis should be as unique as you are.

Hypnosis, Hypnosis Software, Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis Software, Smoking Hypnosis, Weight Loss Hypnosis


Not Rated Yet BrainWave Blaster 2.11 by Subliminal Messages & Hypnosis BrainWave Blaster View

Stimulate your brain in 2 minutes! All you need is earphones. Just put on the earphones and let BrainWave Blaster take you to the state of mind you want. The sound stimulation functions of BrainWave Blaster help you to prepare for stressful...

Binaural Beat, Binaural Beats, Brain Wave, Brain Waves, Ded Pyhto, Education, Hypnosis, Ideal Weight, Intelligence, Meditation, Nirvana, Self Hypnosis, Self-hypnosis, Subliminal Message, Subliminal Messages, Weight Loss, Yoga

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Not Rated Yet Hypnosis Screensaver 1.0 by Liquid Mirror Enterprises Hypnosis Screensaver View

A fun, free hypnosis screensaver from! Look into the hypnodiscs... if you dare! In ancient times, hypnotists used to use spinning discs painted with spirals to fixate the eyes of their volunteers. Now, these classic...

Hypnosis Screensaver Hypnodisc


Not Rated Yet Weight Loss Program 1.0 by Weight Loss Program Weight Loss Program View

Weight Loss Program helps you shed pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Learn what your ideal calorie intake is and keep track of calories you eat. Weight Loss Program helps you keep a food diary. Become aware of your eating habits. The food...

Loss, Program, Weight


Not Rated Yet How I Lost Almost 100 Pounds At Age 45 5.0 by Software How I Lost Almost 100 Pounds At Age 45 View

This is for anyone who wants to lose weight and change their life. No mattter what type of will you have, you will be able to lose weight and change your life if you follow the plan I made for myself. And, the more overweight you are, the better...

Diet, Dieting, Easy Diet, Easy Weight Loss, Fast Weight Loss, Fit After 45, No Carb Counting Diet, Rapid Weight Loss

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Not Rated Yet Weight Loss Calculator 1.0 by The Wooding Company Weight Loss Calculator View

Weight loss calculator measures body mass index based on your weight and height and is used as a relative measure of your health. For adults, this information is used to determine if your weight relative to your height is either underweight,...

Bmi, Body Mass Index, Software, Weight Loss Calculator


Not Rated Yet Painless Way To Stop Smoking 1.0 by Fitness Attitudes Painless Way To Stop Smoking View

During his more than twenty years as a practicing psychiatrist and neurologist, Mr Jack.G.Heise has used hypnosis almost daily, therapeutically as well as for diagnosis. The author is teaching you to use some of the techniques of hypnosis and...

Stop Smoking Painlessly, Use Self-hypnosis To Change Deep-rooted Habit Patterns

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Not Rated Yet Lubisoft Weight Log for UIQ 3.0 1.0 by Lubisoft Lubisoft Weight Log for UIQ 3.0 View

Are you trying to get in shape? Lubisoft Weight Log is unique program, ready to help you track your weight history. Whenever you weigh yourself, you will be able to enter your weight in your cell phone and immediately see your weight gains or...

Fitness, Health, Log, New, Weight

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Not Rated Yet ABC Fire meditation 00 8 by ABC Meditation ABC Fire meditation 00 View

Fire meditation. One method of visual hypnosis, is simply staring at a fixed point for a while. A common one, is staring at a candle in a dark room. Or try our two computer graphic visual self hypnosis downloads that work well for that same method al

Mandala Meditation

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Not Rated Yet Ideal Body Weight Calculator 1.0 by Fitness Attitudes No view

Although our genes control the number of fat cells we have, this is not the only factor in weight management. Our lifestyle and eating habits play a huge part. These are factors that can be changed, but only through conscious choice.

Ideal Body Weight, Ideal Body Weight Calculator, Ideal Weight

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Not Rated Yet Weight Loss Recipe Book 3.1 by Weight Loss Recipe Book View

Weight Loss Recipe Book is a free, instant, collaborative recipe book. The program is geared towards health related web sites, and has everything you need to get started, including complete administrative control, validated submission form and more!

Book, Community, Diet, Free, Health, Healthy, Loss, Online, Recipe, Weight


Not Rated Yet Simplebean Health Guide 1.0 by fore royal, llc Simplebean Health Guide View

To plan a healthy diet, quickly calculate important health info such as your BMI, BEE, personalized daily calorie requirements and targets in carbs, proteins, and fats, and the target weight for your build. It is great for weight loss or maintenance.

Age, Calculator, Calories, Carbohydrate, Diet, Fat, Health, Height, Protein, Weight, Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Fit Track 1.0 by Fitness Attitudes Fit Track View

Fit Track is a useful set of tools for monitoring your fitness level. The best way to monitor your progress is to measure your body fat percentage, healthy weight, daily calorie intake, number of calories burned during various activities etc.

Body Fat Percentage, Daily Calorie Intake, Healthy Weight, Number Of Calories Burned During Various Activities

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Not Rated Yet Wildsoft Weightloss Program 1.0 by Wildsoft Weight Loss Wildsoft Weightloss Program View

WildSoft Weight Loss Program - Detailed management of your daily food intake. The key features include 1. Visible is your daily weight 2. daily caloric-intake 3. daily calories burned 4. bodily measurements 5. meal with the nutritional values

Diet Program, Obesity Control, Wildsoft Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Detox And Weight Loss 3.0 by Fitness Attitudes No view

One of the benefits of a detox diet is that it forces you to break your usual routine to try healthier habits. Returning immediately to your old diet, as tempting as it may be, can cause you to regain weight. Changing your eating habits is not a...

Detox And Weight Loss, Healthy Detox Foods


Not Rated Yet Performance Diet Pro 4.0.5 by HeathKeeper Inc. Performance Diet Pro View

Maximize your Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition & Health Results with the Performance Diet Pro. Also get the Performance Diet online weight loss program free & $50 in FREE diet/nutrition products. Includes Internet anywhere and remote update features.

Body Building Software, Diabetes, Diabetes Software, Diet, Diet Program, Diet Software, Fitness, Fitness Software, Heart Disease, Heart Disease Software, Nutrition, Nutrition Software, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Program, Weight Loss Software

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Not Rated Yet Phentermine BMI Tool 1.0 by (Phentermine BMI) Phentermine BMI Tool View

BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is a widely accepted measure of obesity. It is a number which expresses a relationship between height, body surface area, and body weight. The BMI is very useful because it correlates very closely to your body fat percentage...

Bmi, Diet, Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Lose Weight The Natural Way 3.0 by Flawless Complexion No view

Stay active and exercise regularly. Sixty minutes a day is ideal, but everything (even climbing stairs and walking to school or work) counts. Achieving fitness goals leads to self confidence, improved body image, self awareness and esteem.

Natural Weigth Loss, Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Weight-By-Date Pro Diet and Fitness 2.9 by Quite Healthy Technologies Weight-By-Date Pro Diet and Fitness View

Weight-By-Date Pro is the most complete diet software available for your PC. It's a carb counter, calorie counter, and food diary all rolled into one. It also logs your weight, exercises, body measurements, daily notes, and motivates like no other.

Calorie Counter, Carb Counter, Diet, Diet Software, Fitness Software, Food Diary, Nutrition Software, Weight Loss


Not Rated Yet Healthy Body Weight 2.0 by Fitness Attitudes No view

If you have a high level of body fat, or you have never been able to successfully lose fat, you should consider trying a program that not only focuses on dieting, but also includes adequate cardiovascular activity and weight training.

Healthy Body Weight, Healthy Weight, Ideal Weight


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