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Not Rated Yet Black Magic Spellbook 3.5 by Arnolds Concepts Black Magic Spellbook View

The left handed path in Magic! Inside this program you will NOT find any White Magic or fluffy Wishing Spells... Only the DARKER Stuff like Curses, Hexes, Revenge Spells, Death Spells, Spells to cause Pain And Disease AND MORE!

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Not Rated Yet Love Spells 1.0 by Love Spells Love Spells View

Love spells - Get this small free application to get access to love spells and powerful money, wiccan, and witchcraft spells. or Love spells, Love binding spells, Love Magick. Easy to use.

Love Spells, Powerful Money, Wiccan, Witchcraft Spells


Not Rated Yet Abramelin the mage 1.5 by arnoldsconcepts Abramelin the mage View

Some consider this to be the best book on magic available. The system of magic found here originated in Egypt from a magician who was known as Abramelin the Mage. It became the main source in the work of Aleister Crowley, who based many of his...

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Not Rated Yet Spiritual Healer Software 2.1.6 by The Healer Spiritual Healer Software View

Healing with the Angels is a unique unusual software that work with angels to improve your health. The angels also heal our mental and emotional health, and the studies show how depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other common maladies can...

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