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Not Rated Yet Core FTP Server 1.0.188 by Core FTP Server View

Core FTP Server - secure FTP server with SSL/TLS/FTPS, SSH/SFTP support, virtual paths, access rules, certificate authentication and much more... Easy, quick setup allows you to securely share your files in minutes!

Ftp, Ftp Server, Ftps, Sftp, Ssh, Ssl, Tls

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Not Rated Yet FTPConnector 1.1 by Alex Artemiev FTPConnector View

Java FTP component running in your browser. This component allow to establish connection with FTP server, rename, download , upload files, and delete files and directories. Optionally, applet FTPS connection may be established(See applet doc.).

Applet, Ftp Applet, Ftp Client, Ftp Java Applet, Ftpapplet, Ftpclient, Ftps, Ftps Applet, Java Applet, Java Ftp Client, Secure Ftp

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Not Rated Yet InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP 2.0.31 by SiteDesigner Technologies, Inc. InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP View

InstantSync is secure desktop tool for file synchronization, mirroring and backups over FTPS and SFTP/SSH. The underlying smart SyncDB file tracking technology guarantees that only new and changed files are transferred making syncs near instant.

Backup, File Sync, Folder Sync, Ftp, Ftp Client, Ftps, Mirror, Mirroring, Multithreaded, Remote Backup, Replicate, Replicating, Replication, Schedule, Secure, Server Backup, Sftp, Ssh, Sync, Synchronization

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Not Rated Yet ScriptFTP 2.3 by ScriptFTP soft ScriptFTP View

ScriptFTP is a FTP/FTPS client designed to automate your file transfers. Add FTP commands to a text file and ScriptFTP will perform them for you automatically. With ScriptFTP you can execute your transfers with just one click on the Run button....

Automated Ftp, Automated Sftp, Batch Ftp, Ftp, Script, Script Ftp, Secure Ftp, Sftp, Ssl Ftp, Synchronize, Unattended

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Not Rated Yet Go FTP FREE 2.1.87 by Go Communications Go FTP FREE View

GoFTP is a FTP client that uses special "buffer overstuffing" technology and on-the-fly compression to achieve speeds 3x of other multi-threaded FTP programs. It supports encryption including SFTP and FTPS. It has all of the features of the...

Buffer Overstuffing, Fast, Free, Multi-threaded, On-the-fly Compression


Not Rated Yet EngInSite DataFreeway by Luckasoft EngInSite DataFreeway View

DataFreeway is a freeware SSH (SSH1,SSH2,SFTP), WebDAV, FTP, FTPS Client for Windows. EngInSite DataFreeway allows you to access remote servers from your Windows desktop. This is an innovative, network, plug-in based client, which supports...

Client, For, Ftp, Sftp, Ssh, Ssh1, Ssh2, Webdav, Windows


Not Rated Yet MOVEit Freely 4.5 by Standard Networks MOVEit Freely View

Free command-line FTP client. All 3 FTP/SSL modes, X.509 client certificates, passive transfers, and alternate ports supported. Uses same syntax as built-in "ftp.exe" client for easy drop-in replacement.

Batch, Command-line, Ftp, Ftp/ssl, Ftps, Ftpss, Passive, Secure, Ssl


Not Rated Yet BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP 2.0.31 by SiteDesigner Technologies, Inc. BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP View

BatchSync is a secure tool for automating remote backups, file synchronization, and mirroring over FTPS and SFTP/SSH. It's designed to be run scheduled at the server, with many logging options and email notifications to help with remote monitoring.

Backup, File Sync, Folder Sync, Ftp, Ftp Client, Mirror, Mirroring, Multi-threaded, Multithreaded, O, Remote Backup, Replicate, Replicating, Replication, Schedule, Scheduling, Server Backup, Sync, Synchronization, Synchronize

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Not Rated Yet [email protected] 1.12.8 by Schneider Infosystems AG T@imeCalc View

[email protected] was designed to help private individuals and small companies to administrate as easy as possible working time units referring to the different collaborators and projects. Did you as a chief of a company, head of a department or project...

Project Management, Time Management, Time Planner

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Not Rated Yet SecureBlackbox (VCL) 5.1 by EldoS Corporation No view

SecureBlackbox is a comprehensive component collection that adds S/MIME, SSL/TLS, FTPS, HTTPS, SSH, PKI, SFTP, PGP, PDF support to your Windows or Linux application. This is VCL edition (for Delphi, C++Builder, Kylix).

C++builder, Component, Delphi, Ftps, Https, Kylix, Layer, Mime, Pdf, Pgp, Protocol, S/mime, Secure, Socket, Ssh, Ssl, Tls


Not Rated Yet eBook Restore 1.00 by Softebooks eBook Restore View

eBook Restore - eBook Repair Tool fix those non working ebooks. Did you just install Windows XP Service pack 2 Or Buy a New Computer and your eBooks stopped working?We designed the only software to fix this. With the click of a button we will have...

Ebook Fix, Ebook Repair, Ebook Restore


Not Rated Yet Cerberus FTP Server 2.45 by Grant Averett Cerberus FTP Server View

Cerberus FTP Server provides industrial strength secure SSLv3/TLSv1 encryption and powerful FTP server performance without sacrificing ease-of-use. Designed to use very little CPU and memory, Cerberus features a user-friendly interface that can be...

Cerberus, Ftp, Ftps, Secure, Server, Ssl, Tls

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Not Rated Yet ChronoControl 3.1 Lite by Vladimir Kim No view

ChronoControl protects your health and eyesight when working at the computer and guards your children against the negative influence of computer games (both from physical health risks and psychological dependency).

Eyestrain, Headache, Health, Schedule, Tunnel Syndrome


Not Rated Yet Smart WorkTime Tracker 1.28 Pro by A!K Research Labs Smart WorkTime Tracker View

Smart Work Time Tracker helps you collect the most comprehensive data concerning your working time consumption and distribution. Unlike other time tracking software SWTT is very easy to use. It recognizes any applications you are using while...

Accounting, Billing, Finance, Outsourcing, Personal, Productivity, Project, Report, Scheduling, Time, To-do, Todo, Tracking, Work

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Not Rated Yet BREAKTRU AUTOSIM 3.5 by Breaktru Software BREAKTRU AUTOSIM View

A simulation of a NYC Transit Authority train traveling by automatic signals with working stop arms. Working circuit drawings show how the signal system relays function while the train passes over track circuits.

Circuits, Demo, Family, Fun, Home, Nx, Railroad, Signal System, Signals, Subway, Trains, Transit


Not Rated Yet FTPRush 1.0.0622 by TianHong.NC China FTPRush View

FTPRush is a comprehensive FTP client for smooth file transfer. The program offers fully-fledged functionality delivered in a user-friendly interface and allows experienced users to create their own scripts speeding up the routine

Client, Compress, Download, Ftp, Ftprush, Fxp, List, Mode Z, Pasv, Port, Proxy, Secure, Sftp, Software, Ssh, Ssl, Tftp, Tls, Unicode, Upload

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Not Rated Yet LinkChanger 1.0 by CodeMaker LinkChanger View

This program gives you possibility to make replacing in groups of Windows Link Files (*.lnk) information like: Path, Arguments, Icon Location path, Working Directory, Show State. It will be useful for example to those, how replace Program Files...

Arguments, Icon Location Path, Replacing In Groups Of Windows Link Files (*.lnk) Information Like: Path, Show State., Working Directory


Not Rated Yet FlexGraphics Library 1.5 by FlexGraphics Software, Ltd. FlexGraphics Library View

FlexGraphics - is a set of components for creating vector graphics applications under Borland Delphi. FlexGraphics library can be used for creation of plots, drawings, electrical, concept and mnemonic charts as well as for creation of interactive...

Cad, Delphi, Graphics, Plan, Scada, Vector, Visio

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Not Rated Yet ABC Backup Pro 4.75 by A-B-C Backup Software ABC Backup Pro View

This program allows you to create backups at various different compression levels, automatically backups data on schedule to local or remote storages, network drives and ftp servers, supports writing to CDR, CDRW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW.

Archive, Backup, Backup Program, Backup Software, Backups, File, Ftp, Manager, Pgp, Program, Schedule, Secure, Software, Ssh, Ssl, Task, Time-table, Zip

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Not Rated Yet MemPlus 1.2 by Microsys Com Ltd. MemPlus View

MemPlus is an utility designed for EEPROMs programming, using the PC parallel port and a Philips Standard Parallel Port Adapter. It allows you to Read/ Edit/ Write a large number of serial memories, working either with I2C or Microwire protocols.

Eeprom, I2c, Memory, Microwire, Parallel Port, Philips, Programmer, Programming, Serial


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