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(321)253-3855 (321)255-2404
Country: United States
State: FL
City: Melbourne
Zip code: 32934-8447
Address: 3641 Turtle Mound Rd.

retiSoft, inc. Software

C/C++ SLOC Counter Download C/C++ SLOC Counter

Counts C/C++ source program physical & logical lines of code. Useful for various management planning and reporting tasks, calculating quality metrics, or just to gauge your program size estimation skills.

Change Request Tracker Download Change Request Tracker

Tracks Change Requests (CRs) through change control cycle: new, analysis, implementation, close-out. Database supports multiple projects & project personnel. Optional e-mail notification of key personnel on CR state changes.

SW Cost Estimation Program Download SW Cost Estimation Program

Implements COCOMO 81 algorithms, with extensions, to generate software project effort, cost, and schedule estimates based on estimated program size and modified by development environment characteristics. Supports multiple projects.

Source Lister Download Source Lister

Generates formatted source program listing printouts, with layout and appearance options, and page numbering. Includes pagination controls for C/C++ and assembly source files.

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